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Lufthansa take over Brussels Airline 2016
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    Belgium Brussels Airline Strikes                 

Brussels Airlines    Brussels Airline on Twitter

​​Brussels Airport 
Zaventem Airport

​11 June, 2018 You should know strike threat is still hanging over meetings this week between Brussels airlines pilot's and management.

10 May, 2018 Brussels Airlines announces flights that will operate on website today for next week 14 an 16th May due to pilot strike.

4 May, 2018 Announced today Brussels Airline pilot's reject recent wage offer. Possible strike action anytime from 11 May, 2018. More likely pilot's will strike Monday and Wednesday,14th and 16th May. More negotiations on going.

 February, 2018 Announced today a 24 hour strike by De Lijn bus company workers on Friday 16 February, 2018. If leaving from any Belgian airport leave early. Expect extra traffic on roads, traffic jams, passengers will pour onto trains. Taxi's hard to find. Meeting to take place this Wednesday 8am.

4 February, 2018 You should know if flying with Brussels airline, owner Lufthansa is making changes. Belgian unions are on the cusp of strike action, grounding all Brussels airline fleet in fear of job losses.

Shenanigans from 2017
Taxi strike is planned for tomorrow 12 December, 2017, rail strike is also booked see

The news online reporting after the city of Brussels put on extra security measures 30 terrorists have been caught.

​December 2017 Difficult time for travel in Europe.
Brussels Airport has instructions for demonstrations maneuvering today 19 December, 2017

Brussels Airlines
2 January 2017 Brussels airlines delays today with baggage handling. No strike, rather bad scheduling by Swissport company. Not enough staff to cover one of the busiest days of the year.
Brussels Airlines states otherwise. Brussels Airport

Last year 2016 Industrial actions
Belgium planned general strike dates
Friday June 24, 2016
Saturday September 24, 2016
Friday October 7, 2016

6 October 2016 Baggage handlers threaten strike action tomorrow at Brussels airport follow along
​Easyjet has a notice up

Brussels Airport and Charleroi
More Belgium General Strike Dates
Update:-June 24 Strike at Brussels Airport today
Update:-22 June 2016 Turns out general strike is still on for Friday. reporting transportation will be disrupted. Just give yourself extra time to get to your airport expect taxi shortages, traffic jams..
Much of the country is expected to be paralyzed. Trains will stop working 10pm, tomorrow, Thursday. SNCB advising passengers to “provide for other transportation alternatives and not just rely on trains to get around”
Use website, the SNCB app, twitter accounts and Facebook @SNCB and the Contact Center (02 / 528.28.28). “ More information to come out tomorrow/tonight

Brussels Airport and Charleroi
Thursday 14 April 2016 41 flights ended up being canceled today. 29 incoming flights and 12 outbound, mostly Brussels Airlines. According to the powers that be, situation is now stable.

12 April 2016 Wildcat strike by Belgian air traffic control (How can this be legal?) Strike over pension reform.
Strike likely to go in through the night.
Brussels Airport
Charleroi Airport
NOP for the latest

Old strikes for 2016
Update:-Brussels Airport will be open 23:59hrs local time Thursday night. No commercial flights will operate on Friday. Brussels Airlines operating from Leige and Antwerp. EasyJet Lille and Malpensa. Passengers still can not retrieve cars from parking lot.

22 March 2016 Brussels Airport closed due to two explosions in the departure lounge. One near American Airline desk other Brussels Airlines check in desk at 8am. Another explosion at local subway station. All trains halted to the airport. Roads blocked allowing rescue workers only. 
Several deaths and injuries have been reported.

Old strikes from 2015
Update:Thursday 6 August 2015 Work to rule is over after meetings took place today

August 3, 2015 Go slow started today at Brussels airport and now threatens to go on all week. Get to the airport earlier than usual.

July 2015 Strikes that might effect your Brussels airline flight next week. Brussels Airport strike/go slow on Tuesday. Australian customs and border strike also on Tuesday see and Greek air traffic control strike for four hours planned on Wednesday the 5th and London Tube strike and Easyjet strike threat.

July 2015 Brussels Airline flights delayed due to Spanish air traffic control strike July 2015

Old strikes
14 March 2015 A Belgian general strike is being planned for April 22, 2015. Keep an eye on your airline, are you codesharing? 
Lufthansa airline strikes and Italian air traffic control strikes
Last years industrial actions 2014
Belgium Air Traffic Control Strike
Update:-Friday December 12, 2014 Belgian air traffic controllers will strike starting Sunday evening 2100 UTC and strike will end Monday 2100 UTC. All Belgian airports will be effected all airlines will be grounded. Devastating.
Charleroi flights likely to be directed to Lille, France. 1 hr 15 mins away ETR

7 December 2014 So far 175 flights cancelled for tomorrow's strike. Strike effecting Charleroi, Leige and Brussels airports see Easy Travel Report
You will have trouble with your return flight next week perhaps.

​3 December 2014 Brussels Airlines asking passengers to call them Brussels Airlines
​Airline asking passengers to travel with hand luggage only on the 8th and 15th December.

28 November 2014 Your in trouble. Strikes in December, rail and general see our front page Easy Travel Report
21 October 2014 Heads up. Belgian police strike this Wednesday and Thursday.
Are you flying to Morocco? Moroccan general strike planned for Wednesday 29 October, 2014 see ETR

Belgium general strike is being planned for 15 December, 2014

Old strike news
6 August 2014 Baggage strike still going on at Alitalia Rome Airport Strike

5 August 2014 Yuck, maggots luggage Daily Mail

​30 June 2014 SNCB Rail strike

27 June 2014 Wildcat strike by Belgium air traffic control is over. Belgium air traffic control strike

​Last years industrial actions
19 December 2013 Pilots will not strike for Christmas holiday's. More talks to take place in January 2014.
8 December, 2013  Nothing in the news, issues just faided away?

Update November 19th:-Today, Strike has been suspended for now.  Management waived compulsory retirement  for pilots aged 58. Further negotiations are to take place this week till Friday. Threat of strike action is still in the air. Flights back to normal.
November 19, Tuesday, No agreement made last night. CEO to make an offer at 5:30am today.  You better check Brussels Airline site today before you leave for the airport.
Some 40 odd flights cancelled. Some passengers were put up in local hotels or found other airlines. Flights to Nairobi and New York were effected. 
November 18, 2013 Brussels airlines pilots wildcat strike today, 4 hours. (Strike was announced Friday by pilots union, we think it started at 5:30am local time) Just enough to cause chaos. Here's what Brussels Airlines has to say.
Call center +32 (0)2 723 23 62 Some 64 flights cancelled today. Management not adhering to 2012-2013 policy. Strike was for four hours. Some inbound flights to Brussels airport tomorrow have already been cancelled. 
Expect more disruptions in the coming days, if issue not resolved soon. We will update as soon as more information becomes available.
Old industrial actions
September 12,  2012 Brussels Airport go slow by customs officers, get to airport early. Strike will continue till Friday 2pm.
Brussels Airline Strike 
Update:-September 16 Deal has been made between cabin crew union and management. New cabin crew work restrictions will take effect in November 2013

Update:-September 9, 2013 Unions make deal with management, union will now bring it to the approval of members.

September 3, 2013 Update:-Issue with a mediator, talks have stalled. Airline does not exclude wild cat strikes. Strike possible from 2nd week in September.
August 20, 2013 Nothing new in the news regarding this issue since last posting
August 9, 2013 Brussels Airlines 1,200 cabin crew threaten strike action, over work load. No date set.
Management believe a solution will be found.
Star Alliance member.
Old industrial actions
May 15, 2013 Brussels Airport baggage handlers strike is over.  20,000 bags to find way home.
May 12, 2013 Heads up if you codeshare with Croatian Airlines the workers will strike Tuesday May 14. Follow along with us Croatia Airline strike.  You should know the following day Turkish Airlines strike
Last years industrial actions
26 January 2012 Belgian general strike 30 January 2012, call your airline. Not yet sure what Belgian pilots are planning to do. Important, do check our front page.

So last year
28 October 2011 Brussels airline strike by cabin crew. Cabin crew looking for a 7% pay raise. Meetings this week unsuccessful. Strike is to take place in two weeks, no date set yet. November 7? Expect disruptions this coming week.

Unions involved ACLVB-CGSLB, BBTK SETCa-and LBC-CNE


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