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August 20, 2013 Croatia airline still up for sale. Expect a strike in the near future as airline gets closer to being sold.
Monday May 20, 2013 Airline still struggling with this strike, relying on other airlines to take passengers and cancels other flights daily. Incurring even more financial loss daily. Airline likely to go bankrupt.  
Saturday May 18 Lufthansa suspends codeshare agreements. Cancellations for Sunday Croatia Airlines

May 16, 2013 Strike still on today and day brings with it. Croatian air traffic controllers joining in the fray at Zagreb and Split airports Zagreb airport departures  Split Airport Although flights from other airlines are flying, be prepared for delays. (Internet rumour that some Croatia airline employees signing petition to end strike) See Croatia Airline for tomorrows cancellations
Make sure you save all your receipts. These people might be of use, we have no relationship with them.

May 15, 2013  Strike still on. Unions crippling airline for good. More flights cancelled for today.
May 13, 2013 Croatia Airlines industrial action has list up of cancelled flights. Slack being picked up by Trade Air, Adria Airways, SkyWork Airlines. All passengers with tickets for one of the cancelled flights due to strike will be entitled to one change free of charge. In case of refund request, there are several options:Full refund for completely unused tickets partial refund for partially used tickets
full refund + 25 % of net fare, in which case money will not be refunded, but an MCO voucher for future travels issued. Wish they'd published this earlier.
May 10 Croatia Airline strike Tuesday May 14, starting 6am. Strike by pilots and cabin will ground airline. Airline to announce which flights are cancelled on Monday 3PM.  Contact center at + 385 1 6676 555 (working hours during the strike: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.). Here's what Croatia Airlines has to say and HUS Trade Union 

May 9 Airline fires workers who called in sick. Now that's not going to sit well.
May 7, 2013 Croatia Airline pilots threaten a strike some time between the next  15 - 20 days. Flights from Zagreb airport likely to be hit hard. We will post the strike action date as soon as we have it.

May 3, 2013 Airline going ahead with austerity plans, threaten to fire workers who were sick earlier in the week, investigation to take place.
Flights today on time.

May 2, 2013 No strike but no surprise 1/3 of flight attendants calling in sick left right and center. 
12 International flights and three domestic flights cancelled yesterday. Today only three flights cancelled. Zagreb flight departures  We will be updating regularly
May Day Quarter of Croatia Airline staff call in sick
April 15, 2013 Croatia Airline 137 pilots reject 20% pay cut and threaten strike. No dates set yet.

April 30, 2013 More bad news out today. Airline to be sold before entry into Common Market. If you must book or have a booking with this airline buy travel insurance now before a strike is announced.

Old News
November 26, 2012 We thought we'd give you the heads up that Croatian unions have called for a general strike this Thursday November 29. So far nothing much in the news regarding this strike. 
25 November 2012 Croatia Airline gets 136 million in aid. Will loose 10% of work force.

29 May 2012 Talks, Croatia airlines to merge with 
Adria Airways.
17 May Announced today, Croatia airline strike by pilots, cabin crew, ground workers. Tension between management and unions building over contracts. Strike is un-ended and to start Friday, 1 June 2012 just in time for holiday season.

Flights to Heathrow, Gatwick will be in trouble and coming from Zagreb, Split and Rijeka.
Try EasyJet, Jet2, as perhaps alternative airlines?

Last time
7 March Croatia airlines has list of flight cancellations up today for Thursday and Friday.

5 March 2012 Croatia Airlines strike this week starting 6 am Thursday 8 March for 24 hours. Expect delays in Zagreb airport. Call them for a change of flight plans.

So last year
17 May 2010 No strike by cabin crew
5 May Croatia Airline workers will make decision whether to strike or not by the end of the week.
21 April Croatia Airline, possible strike Friday, 

19, September, 2010 CEO of Croatia Airlines, Ivan Mišetić, has resigned from his post.

28, January, 2010, Croatia Airlines board and staff have failed to reach a contract. Unions planning a one day warning strike, Thursday, February, 11. 70 per cent of Croatia Airlines workers will strike.  Talks will continue in the mean time.  Union expect a 5 percent pay cut not 20 to 40 per cent proposed by management. Cabin crew are expected to be hit hard.

26 January, 2010  Cost cutting. Croatia airlines cancels flights to Rijeka Airport located on Krk Island in the summer months. Was a pull for tourists from U.S and London. Macedonian airline Airlift service is planning to provide service between the Krk Island and Skopje on Mondays and Fridays each week in 2010.

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              Croatia Airline Strike
Croatia Airlines government owned. Based in Zagreb Airport, Star Alliance Member. Codeshares with Lufthansa. Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airline, Air Canada, Nordica, Singapore Airlines, Tap Portugal, Air France, Turkish Airlines, Scandinavia Airlines, Swiss International and United Airlines. 

​Croatia Airlines Strike
Croatia Airline

​Croatia Airlines Strike
(Yearly event)

Thursday 9 August, 2018 Courts deem strike illegal, because talks have not been done in good faith. Union will take issue to supreme court. Issue over, for another year.

Wednesday 8 August, strike was cancelled today. Tomorrows flights not guaranteed. Talks still going on.

Tuesday 7 August 2018 List of canceled flights from Croatia Week

Friday 3 August, 2018 Croatia Airlines pilots, cabin crews and engineers have called for strike action Wednesday 8/8/18 starting 6am. Based in Zagreb and has routes to most European cities. Your flight will be delayed canceled or brought forward call them +385 1 6676 555 or 072 500 505. Airline has a notice up

Strikes from 2017 effecting Croatia Airlines
2 August 2017 Croatia airline strike by pilots, Avio mechanics and flight attendants. Strike starts 6am Tuesday, 8 August 2017.
Stay in touch with management Contact Center +385 1 6676 555, 7am - 9pm. 
Airline has strike notice up 

Croatia Airlines crews threaten strike action this summer 2017

29 November 2015 Croatia Airline is still up for sale latest possible buyers:-Lufthansa, Aegean Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

8 April, 2015 If you are traveling to, from or over France your flight with Croatia airlines will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic control strike in April and May 2015. Ageneral strike is taking place tomorrow which will probably effect public transportation.

1 February, 2015 Croatia Airlines workers will have 40% less in pay check from now on, due to cost savings. This is more than union agreed with. Unions threaten strike action

​Old industrial actions for 2013
​23 November, 2013 Saturday Good news, Zagreb Airport strikes are on hold, while judges determine if strikes are legal or not.

21 November 2013 Croatia Airlines has schedule up for Friday you just might have to be bused. Croatia Airlines doing a good job notifying passengers. More strikes to come at Zagreb Airport.

Wednesday November 20,2013 Croatia Airline flights from and to Zagreb airport to be hit by three strikes this month. Follow along with us Zagreb Airport Strike and  Easy Travel Report 
Monday October 2013 Management hires two jets because fleets having technical problems.
Tuesday May 21 Cabin crew come back to work. All Croatia Airline flights back to normal tomorrow.
Update:-Monday May 20  Pilots cancel strike
and will continue talks towards new contract. On the other hand flight attendants are still striking. Expect them to follow pilots lead and get back to work soon. Flights for tomorrow Croatia Airline

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