May 10 Croatia Airline strike Tuesday May 14, starting 6am. Strike by pilots and cabin will ground airline. Airline to announce which flights are cancelled on Monday 3PM.  Contact center at + 385 1 6676 555 (working hours during the strike: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m.). Flights from Split, Dubrovnik and Frankfurt also expect delays and cancellations. Here's what Croatia Airlines has to say and
HUS Trade Union 
May 9 Croatia Airline fires workers who called in sick. Now that's not going to sit well.
May 7, 2013 Make sure you confirm your flight if coming and going from Zagreb airport. In the next 15 - 20 days Croatia airline pilots threaten to strike. Causing delays and chaos. Your seat will be precious! No date set, check back with us. 
May 3, 2013 Croatia Airlines is up for sale, severe austerity plan is ahead. Workers to be laid off. Croatia to join Common Market this month and one of the rules is Croat government can't subsidize government run airline anymore. 

This week flight attendants called in sick, a third of the staff! Investigation now to take place.  No doubt Zagreb airport employees will be involved in strike action, follow along at Croatia Airline Strikes

Old industrial actions
Croatian union has called for a general strike Thursday 29 November, 2012 So far nothing in the news about it. Perhaps call your airline.
Earlier this year
Croatia Airline workers to strike, pilots, cabin crew, airport workers. Friday, 1, June 2012. Strike is un-ended so, may be well worth changing to another company. 

So last year
5 March 2012 Croatia Airlines strike this week starting 6 am Thursday  March 8 for 24 hours. Expect delays in Zagreb airport. Call them for a change of flight plans you don't want to hang out at the airport.

21 November 2011 Update:-Zagreb airport will be closed today from 6am to midnight airport closed.

18 November 2011 Zagreb airport strike for 5 hours today 10am to 3PM GMT. Unions also threaten to strike all day Monday if demands not met.
Followed by an indefinite strike Monday 28 November on.

Zagreb International airport strike will effect flights from these airlines.

Air France operated by Brit Air
Austrian Airlines
Austrian Airlines operated by Tyrolean Airways
Croatia Airlines 
Czech Airlines 
Lufthansa operated by Lufthansa CityLine
Malév Hungarian Airlines Budapest Aircraft Service
Norwegian Air Shuttle
Qatar Airways
El Al Israel Airlines 
TAP Portugal
Turkish Airlines

Charter airlines
Dubrovnik Airline Charters
Korean Air
Japan Airlines

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       Zagreb airport strike
     Franjo Tuđman Airport 
Croatian airport strike, Pleso strike.

(2017 You should know that none of Croatia's airports have 24 hour service. If your plane is late, you will likely be diverted to Rome Fiumicino Airport)

Busiest routes:-
Frankfurt - Croatia Airlines Lufthansa
Dubrovnik - Croatia Airlines
Vienna - Austrian Airlines - Croatia Airlines
Munich - Lufthansa - Croatia Airlines
Heathrow and Gatwick - British Airways - Croatia and Monarch
Paris CDG - Air France and Croatia Airlines

Zagreb Airport has to say? 

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status

​Croatia Airlines
Organizations of workers of Croatia Airlines (ORCA) Pilot, cabin crews and engineers union.

Croatia Airline pilot’s and crews will strike, no date given  Croatia Airline Strike

​Long time we've recorded strike action with this airline
19 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans from Zagreb Airport.

Lufthansa pilot strikeEasyJet Strike and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2014
31 July 2014 Power failure today. Flights back to normal by the evening.
Update:-Saturday 23 November, 2013 
Management gets court injunction, strikes on hold while judges decide if strike action is legal or not.
Update:-20 November 2013, Three strike dates are in.
1. Tomorrow, Thursday November 21, from 10:00 CET till midnight Friday.
2. Monday, November 25th 11pm till Thursday, November 28th. (yes ridiculously long)
3. Even more ridiculous, Sunday, December 1st till demands met.
Call your airline before you leave your house. We will be updating. 
Hvar ferries cancelled today, due to weather Digital Journal
November 13, 2013 Strike imminent. Zagreb Airport workers in a bitter dispute with management over airport take over by future operator Zagreb Airport International Company, a consortium led by Aéroports de Paris. The Balkans

Old industrial actions 2013
May 21 Heads up Flight attendants quit strike.  All flights to be back to normal tomorrow.
May 20 Croatia Airline strike is still going on. Day 7. Update:-Pilots quit strike today. Still can't get back to work till flight attendants go back to work.
May 16, 2013 Strike at Croatia Airlines still on today and day brings with it. Croatian air traffic controllers joining in the fray at Zagreb and Split airports Zagreb airport departures  Split Airport Although flights from other airlines are flying, be prepared for delays. (Internet rumour that some Croatia airline employees signing petition to end strike) Make sure you save all your receipts. These people might be of use, we have no relationship with them.

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Zagreb Airport Strike