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 Any travel disruptions in Portugal this week?

Yes, we have some information if traveling to and from Portugal.Your Portuguese airport will get caught up in a TAP Air Portugal strike by cabin crews. Just in time for Carnival. Strike will take place 9, 10 and 11th February, 2018. Follow along with us Easy Travel Report or our TAP link above

Strikes from 2017
Yes, Portuguese unions have done the unthinkable.
23 December, 2017 Yesterday evening Portuguese airport security workers have called for strike action on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Strike starts 00:01 Sunday and will end midnight Christmas Day. Get to your airport earlier than usual, minimal hand luggage and call your airline.

Union also threaten strike action New Years Day.

Update:-23 August 2017 Good news SATA strike has been cancelled along with Portuguese passport control strike.
Are you taking the Metro to Lisbon Airport? Lisbon Metro Strike - Metropolitano de Lisboa
Workers will strike for 24 hours -
Tuesday 1st August and Thursday 3rd of August, 2017. Trains will power down the night before 11:30pm or earlier.
This could be a real problem stay in contact with your airline. Groundforce baggage handlers will strike 3 pm - 6pm on Wednesday, 26 July, 2017. 

Lisbon Metro 
Green line, Arroios Station closed for repairs till 2019 MAP Lisbon Metro

Portuguese Airport Strike
Portuguese Airport Strikes
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List of Portuguese Airports
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Faro Airport Portugal 
Horta Airport Strike Azores

John Paul ll Voted third best European airport

Lisbon Portela Airport    
Madeira Airport Funchal Strike  
Ponta Delgada João Paulo II Airport (Azores) 
Porto Airport Portugal     
Santa Maria airport Strike (Azores) 
Terceira Airport Strike (Azores)

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Is TAP on strike today?
Portuguese air traffic controllers strike?

Lastly do you know a Portuguese travel agent who would be willing to take calls and emails from distraught travellers? We understand it's a lot to ask. In return we will be truly grateful and will promote the travel agent shamelessly and your business the referrer!

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Portuguese Airport Strike