Community to be hit hard in 2014 by closure of American Air Base. 
Update on that Newsweek
Local paper Rtp Pt Açores

​Lajes Airport
​Tuesday 14 August, 2018 A SATA International flight today leaving for California - Oakland has been delayed. Wait for it...see RTP Azores

Unfortunately Ryanair Portugal flight attendants threaten strike action over Easter 2018 see Easy Travel Report for updates. Also Lisbon Metro workers will down tools April 19, 2018.

You should know CGPT union, 750,000 members threaten strike action Friday 12 January 2018.

13 December, 2017 We have news that might effect your flight to and from Lajes.
Ryanair Portugal will strike lasting 24 hours Wednesday, 20 December starting 00:01 - 23:59 hours. 
Other strikes you might need to know about, Madrid airport security, Barcelona IAG group which is British Airways, Vueling and Iberia strike.
Orly Airport strike

Tap airline flight attendants will not strike over Christmas
For this info and some.. see 
Easy Travel Report 

May 2017 Portuguese airport and Sata airline disruptions May 2017 Follow along with us Easy Travel Report

Last years strike actions 2016
Flights to TERCEIRA AIRPORT will be disrupted by TAP Airline strike.

New TAP Strike May 1 -10, your flight will be canceled, delayed or brought forward. You can change your ticket for free. Airline asking passengers to do just that. Tough on passengers taking a cruise. Hotels in Lisbon and Faro will be full. You could change to another SATA International they fly to Lisbon. Not so easy getting off this island is. it see our TAP Strike page. See what TAP has to say. (Speculation only:-Tap might be getting rid of this route in the near future)

Strikes 2014 that effected this airport
           Tap Airlines Strike 2014
TAP has a list of flights up TAP
flights to and from Terceira airport likely to be delayed, cancelled or brought forward.
National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) two sets of strikes planned:-
Thursday 30, October 2014
Saturday 1, November 2014
Sunday 30, November, 2014
Tuesday 2, December, 2014 follow along with us TAP Airline Strike  

Old strikes for 2014
26 July 2014 TAP airline pilots will strike Saturday, 9 August 2014. Strike will last 24 hours. Call them Follow along with us TAP Airline Strike page

December 27, 2013 SATA Azores flights delayed perhaps two hours, till January 6, 2014.   Call ahead. 

Old industrial actions for 2013
Portuguese Baggage Handlers Strike
Update:28 August Groundforce baggage handlers strike has been postponed for talks.

Groundforce back at it. Groundforce baggage handlers strike 30, 31 August and September 1st.  Lajes baggage handling is done by SATA Azores workers. Trouble is if you are flying from here to Lisbon or Porto or with TAP Airlines you might be effected in some shape or form.


SATA Airlines threaten industrial action now till new year.

Old industrial actions
Update:-Strike had minimal effect. A long distant flight by TAP was delayed for almost 12 hours. 
12 August 2013 Portuguese Groundforce (baggage handlers) workers will be on strike this Thursday, August 15, 2013. Workers have concerns over health and their status as human beings. (How strange, what does it mean? This is the exact date as last year, next year will be a Friday and will draw more concern) (turned out to be a bank holiday) Call your airline.

More information, follow along with us:-
SATA Strike page

These airlines and routes to be effected by the SATA Air Açores and SATA International strike.

SATA Air Açores - Flores, Graciosa, Horta, Pico, Ponta Delgada, Corvo, Santa Maria, São Jorge

SATA International  - Lisbon, Porto
Seasonal:- Boston, Oakland, Toronto-Pearson and a seasonal charter to Madrid.

Other airlines using Terceira Airport:-
TAP Portugal - Lisbon
Arkefly - Seasonal charter: Amsterdam You might be in need of this sites help!

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Airport Strike 2015
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2015  

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