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A third of arriving passengers take taxi's

(Regulars, sorry for the delay on updates, Barcelona el Prat taking up my time, Penny)

Flightstats delays today

Heads up
​More strikes for you! To choke up CDG passengers. Stay in close contact with your airline.
Vueling airline strike dates

18 July, 2018 You should know your flight to and from Paris , Orly Airport could well be delayed due to aviation strikes in Italy read Easy Travel Report.

Sorry regulars announced today Wednesday 27 June, 2018 French air traffic controllers out of Marseille Airport will strike again.
Strike starts Saturday 30 June, 2018 very early in the morning and end Monday 2 July, 2018 early am. Remember flights Friday night and Monday morning will also be delayed, canceled or brought forward stay in contact with your airline.

21 June, 2018 Just so you know another French air traffic control strike will delay your flight out of Orly Airport again this weekend starting Saturday morning and ending early Monday. Call your airline as airlines will have to come into line Friday evening. If that's not enough for you Italian air traffic control will strike 5 July and Spanish passengers are on egg shells due to possible air traffic control strike out of Barcelona El Prat Airport.

13 June 2018 We have some strikes in the news for you that may effect your flight to and from Orly Airport.
French air traffic control strike starting Saturday 16 June ending Monday am. Call your airline particularly if flying south Morocco, Algiers, Tunisia, Corsica.

Air France strike dates this month

French rail strike is still going on 

Barcelona air traffic control strike planned for June 20 has been canceled and replaced with "perhaps we will strike in July"
That's it.  General strike Argentina 25 June for all of this see Easy Travel Report

Update:-Tuesday 5 June, 2018 Announced today French air traffic control will strike in Marseille Airport this week-end Saturday, Sunday 9, 10 June. This will cause delays across the aviation network. Call your airline updates see Marseille Airport Strike

French air traffic control strikes Saturday and Sunday 28 and 29 April, 2018. Strike will be based out of Marseille Airport. Strike will ripple around the network, expect flight delays, particularly with Air France.

Barcelona El Prat air traffic controllers will be striking randomly though out the summer 2018. Each strike will last 24 hours.  Only strike date announced so far is Wednesday June 20, 2018.

Italian air traffic control strike is planned for 8 May, 2018 a Tuesday and 8 June, 2018. 

You should know Air France have announced strike action that may effect your travel plans to and from Paris Orly Airport:- March 30th, April 3rd and the 7th of April, 2018 Plus more dates Easy Travel Report

Paris Orly Airport Baggage Handling Strike
Update:5 April, 2018 Strike has been renewed and is on the books till April 30th.

23 March, 2018 Baggage handler workers for Onet H Reignier, an Air France subsidiary contractor are striking everyday at Orly Airport, Paris. Strike is unlimited. Expect flight delays and getting your luggage back.

Update:-21 March, 2018 Moderate delays expected at Orly Airport tomorrow.

Three strikes you should know about that will effect your flight from Paris Orly Airport.
French air traffic control strike, Thursday 22 March, 2018, likely to delay your flight even if you are not flying to and from France. 

Air France pilots and ground crews will strike Friday the 23rd.

Lastly Air France subsidiary HOP will be striking the Thursday and Friday.

for updates Easy Travel Report

Flights from Orly airport already being cancelled and delayed due to the Air France strike. Air France cabin crews, pilots and ground crews will strike for 24 hours.
According to flight stats today:-
Orly AF 
Arrivals 9 cancelled 15 delayed
Departures 3 cancelled and 29 delayed
For tomorrow
12 arrivals cancelled and 13 departures.

see Air France Strike or our front page

Orly Baggage Handler Strike
Update:-Tuesday 2 January, 2018 Baggage handler strike is still going on.
Culprits:-Orly Flight Services, baggage carriers from the Worldwide Flight Service - WFS Group 300 workers. Another meeting is planned 15 January. Some passengers have had to wait as long as two and half hours. We do know Norwegian, Aigle Azur and Transavia flights have been delayed. 

​Orly Airport Strike
Orly Airport strike by baggage handlers.
Strike starts December 22 - January 5, 2018 from 11am - 1pm and 5pm -7pm.
Busy airport for Air France, Transavia France, easyJet, Vueling, Corsair Int and Aigle Azur. Call your airline. Perhaps you should bring just hand luggage.
You should also know perhaps about the Italian air traffic control strike and Madrid airport security strike December see
Easy Travel Report

Italian air traffic control strike December

Iberia, Vueling and British airways strikes out of Barcelona el Prat airport

French Rail Strike
Check your plans to and from Paris. 
RER A and RER B workers will strike starting 4am, Tuesday 12 December, 2017 till Wednesday 13, December 7am.  Minimal service likely to be in  effect. Don't miss your flight, give yourself plenty of time to and from Orly Airport.


French Air Traffic Control Strike
Flights to and from Paris Orly will be effected, delayed, cancelled or even cancelled.
Strike will start Monday 9 October evening and end 11 October Wednesday early am. Follow along for updates. Call your airline. Patience is a virtue this weekend.

21 September 2017 Due to general strike today so far by noon Orly departures airport has had 29 delays and two flights cancelled Easy Travel Report has more details

Thursday 21st September 2017 So far out of Charles de Gaulle by noon 77 flight delays and 6 cancelled. Paris Orly, 29 delays 2 cancelled.

Aigle Azur Strike
1 August 2017 Flight attendants and stewards have given notice for strike action. Strike action starts today 1 August 2017 - 31st October, 2017.
Call airline 0810797997
Aigle Azur
Second largest airline in France. 300 flights a week. 
Based in Orly Airport. Popular routes Algeria, France, Portugal, Switzerland.
(strike same time as last year, but by pilot's)

30 July 2017 Vueling, 65 flight attendants based in Paris, Orly Airport, under French contract, start strike action today till August 6th, 2017. Negotiations on going.To cover 30 flights Vueling will bring in staff from Ibiza, Barcelona and Rome. AFP states no flights delayed or cancelled at Orly airport today. IAG who owns company also has trouble with Briitsh Airways. Momentum building.


​​​​​​HOP Airline Strike
More strike action possible with Hop pilot's, decision to be made July 26, 2017 follow along Hop pilot strike

Air France subsidiary HOP pilots have handed in a strike notice starting Monday July 3 - ending Saturday July 8th. HOP handles most of Air France domestic flights, Negotiations on going. For this and more industrial actions see Easy Travel Report

Flights to Corsica
Air Corsica flights from Paris Orly Airport could be impacted by this strike action if no deal is made. Stay in touch with Air Corsica you don’t want to be sleeping at the airport.
follow along with us Air Corsica strike
For May Italian aviation strikes see
Easy Travel Report and Corsican Air France baggage strike.

Old strikes from 2017
Wednesday, 8 March 2017 Passengers thrown into chaos again today. Flight delays still horrendous 550 flights canceled in France alone.
News from NOP:-Brest and Bordeaux airports flights will be affected till Friday 10th of March till 7pm. Marseille strike will end 10th March 5am.
Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports destinations Canada and USA awesome are not included in strike action.

Paris Orly departures:-214 on time, 41 delayed and 61 cancelled today (at writing it's 5:15pm in France, still a lot of time for those 41 delays to turn into cancellations)

CDG departures 504 on time, 45 delayed and 18 cancelled. Air France flights departing from CDG 354 on time, 31 delayed and 9 cancelled.

Air France CDG 99% of short and medium halls departing and from Orly 78 domestic flights departing.

​7 March 2017 French air traffic control strike in full force this week. Orly today hit bad with 68 cancelled departure flights.  Thirty of those were Air France flights, HOP 20, Easyjet 5, British Airways 5. You should really look at our front page for Air France strikes, Finnish aviation, German baggage handling, Rome...

25 February 2017 Are you flying with Air France next month or too Finland?
Check with us unions are kicking up Berlin unions have been quiet recently.

Berlin Airport Strikes
Two thousand Ground Handlers Strike
Tegel Airport Strike
Schonefeld Airport Strike

Announced today, Tuesday February 7, 2017.
Expect severe disruption, possible flight cancellations, tomorrow, Wednesday, 8 February 2017 to and from Orly Airport to Berlin. Strike hours, between 5am and 11am (local time). 
More talks planned for Friday, February 10th. This is considered a warning strike causing huge uncertainty.
Berlin airports
Air Berlin
Stay in close contact with your airline, before you travel to your airport. 
We will be updating at

Strikes effecting Orly airport in 2016
See our front page for new French air traffic control 

​You should know Air France cabin crews are striking as with second busiest airline in France Aigle Azur this week and next. 
Add to this Spain’s Air Europa strike by pilots.
New French general strike is being planned.
For this and other travel strikes

French air traffic control strikes, general strike and Air France strike! Will effect your flight flight from Paris Orly Airport.

General strike is planned for Tuesday, 14 June 2016. It is not known yet which air traffic controllers will be participating in strike action. 

Taxi drivers, banks - empty ATM's. This is the killer, French ports likely to stop working day before for 48 hours. You might find museums and monuments closed for the day. This info came from French union CGT.
Get to your French airport early, really early. You never know what you will meet ie demonstrators, traffic jams, airport exits blocked by taxi drivers.
French air traffic control strike

Update:-Orly Airport back in eyes of the unions.
French air traffic control strike latests.
Strikes are planned Friday - Monday
3, 4, 5 and 6 of June.
In the mean time you will have to deal with French rail strike, fuel shortages

​Update:-Tuesday 17 May ATC strike starts 4am Thursday19th
till 4am Friday 20th
Bordeaux should be lifted in the morning
Charles de Gaulle slight delays in the morning
Orly airport asked to reduce flights to and from by 15%.
Marseille service will be slow in the morning.

Air France Pilot Strike
Sunday May 8, 2016 Air France pilot unions SNPL and SPAF threaten strike action starting Wednesday June 1, 2016 over wage cuts.
You should also know that French air traffic controllers have not resolved issues followed along with us

​1 April 2016 Orly still plagued by delays this morning going into the early evening.

​​​French air traffic control strike is on:-
29 March 2016 Starts tomorrow Wednesday, 30 March 2016 1700UTC
Ends Friday 1 April, 2016 0400 UTC
Another meeting planned for tomorrow.

31 March, 2016 Trouble spots will be, call your airline.
Bordeaux minimum service in the afternoon
Charles de Gaulle Moderate delays in the morning
Marseille and Orly to be hit hard, by delays, cancellations or perhaps your flight will be brought forward.
Remember everybody flying will deal with the knock-on effect. Don't forget other unions are striking on the 31st. Will effect Paris transportation, Renfe and Air France.

Update:-23 March 2016 French air traffic controllers threaten more strike action next week if they don't get something in concrete. Perhaps in time with the General strike on the 31st which Air France cabin crews will be joining in with.

20 March 2016 30% of Air France crews who belong to SNPL union will strike Thursday March 31, 2016 same day as French general strike is being planned. French national railway SNCF will be on strike that day.

French air traffic control strike
Update:- Monday 140 Passengers slept at Orly airport last night (Likely to be international passengers who didn't have a French visa. Consequently could not stay in a local hotel. Airlines could not get act together in time as news of the strike action start time was vague)

Update:-Sunday 20 March 2016 Monday will see flights reduced to and from these airports by 33%:- Beauvais, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Orly. Knock-on effect likely to be felt till Tuesday evening. 

Thursday, 17 March 2016 Heads up. French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) strike.  
Sunday 20 March 2016 5am to Tuesday 22 March 5am.
Will effect air traffic control, minimal service will be in effect and that will depend on which controllers show up for work. 
More information to come after meeting which is planned tomorrow, Friday at 2pm, local time. 
Be prepared for your flight to be brought forward, canceled or delayed. Airlines will likely be asked to cut back flights to and from France. 
Of course Air France will take the brunt of any strike action.

Monday 25 January 2016 You should know flights from Orly will be cancelled, brought forward or delayed. Reason being French pubic transportation strike is planned for tomorrow.
Taxi drivers are striking and will block major roads. Particularly to Orly Airport. Don't forget trains will also be running slow. 
Follow along with us

​​​Last year 2015 strikes
21 July 2015 Lisbon Portela Airport baggage strike and Spanish air traffic control strike is still on for this week-end.

French Air Traffic Control Strike
Strike will start 0400 UTC Thursday 2 July, 2015 till 0400 UTC Saturday, 4 July, 2015.
If you are flying on these days expect your flight to be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 
French air traffic control will ask airlines to cancel a certain percentage of flights to, from over and around France by as much as 50% is possible. Can you adjust your plans before everyone else does? Might cost you a fee. Other passengers who wait end up back of the line to other passengers whose flights were not cancelled. Airlines not likely to know what's going on till 24 - 48 hours before strike action. 
follow along with us at Spanish and Italian air traffic control are also striking in July
Old strikes for 2015
Tunisair Strike, will effect flights to and from  Orly Airport.
Srtike by flight attendants will start Friday June 4, 2015.
Strike will last 48 hours.
Strike will have an effect at all popular Tunisair airports - Tunis-Carthage, Monastir, Djerba Enfidha. 
Tunisair contact them
Follow along with us at Tunisair strike

Old strikes from 2015

​​10 September 2014 Italian air traffic controllers (ENAV) strike planned for 27 September 2014 10 am to 6 pm local time. Follow along with us Italian air traffic control strike. 

Old industrial actions for 2014

​Porto Airport baggage handlers will strike 8 - 9:30 am and 6:30 - 8pm on Thursday 7 August, 2014 Call your travel agent or airline ASAP.
Flying to Palma de Mallorca in August? Baggage strike
  French Taxi Strike
  Marseille and Orly
11 June 2014 See Orly today Francetv
6 June 2014 French taxi strike Wednesday June 11, 2014
1,000 Striking taxi will make life difficult, roads blocked for Marseille Airport and the Marseille TGV station. Be prepared to hike with your luggage from blocked airport roads. Difficult for elderly and little children, will be a very hot day. (Same day as London taxi strike)
Orly Airport and OrlyVal Antony Station same thing. 
"Significant impediment of traffic expected." 

​Old industrial action for 2014
Transavia strike
22 February 2014 France a very busy airline at Orly crews threaten a 6 day strike before March 31. No dates set just yet. Talks on going.
New French taxi strike planned for Monday, February 10, nationwide. Protests planned at seven in the morning at Roissy and Orly airports. Leave early for the airport airport roads might be blocked by drivers. Train stations expect long lines at the taxi ranks.

1 January 2014 Orly back in the news today.
Air France Ground Workers Strike
21 January, 2014 Air France ground workers strike. Friday, 24th of January, for two hours. 
Airports involved:- Ajaccio, Bastia, Montpellier , Nantes, Nice, Basel Mulhouse, Paris Orly, Strasbourg, 
Toulon and Toulouse, Bordeaux , Lyon and Marseille.
Call your airline you flight could be brought forward, delayed or cancelled.
a 5 day strike is planned by French air traffic controllers next week. See Easy Travel Report for countries involved.


So last year 2013
March 13, Flights between Paris Orly Airport and Lisbon and Porto with TAP Portugal and TAP Portugal subsidiary Portugalia will be cancelled due to strikes by workers on March 21, 22 and 23. Call them if you haven't already.  Sata International and SATA Azores is also striking along with TAP. Follow along with us on our TAP Strike page. On a lighter side Iberia Airline strike is cancelled for a couple of weeks.
Old Strikes
March 3, 2013 French transportation strike is planned for March 5. This includes French air traffic controllers. French air strike will start at Orly Airport Monday 6 PM till Wednesday 6 AM. You will be delayed, call your airline before you show up at the airport. Air France expected to be hit hard.

Other airline strikes to hit Orly Airport in March are Iberia, Air Nostrum and Vueling strike because of Iberia airline strike and later in March Portuguese airline TAP strike is now being planned.
Is Air France on strike today?

Old strikes
10 August 2012 Possible strike by French (only) EasyJet pilots next week. Dates involved 15, 17 and 19 August. 
EasyJet will have more information available on Monday.

Old Stuff
2 April 2012 Paris strike, Orly Airport Strike 2012, flights n airlines delayed today due to French air traffic controllers strike and French baggage handlers are on strike. (whether this is effecting Orly airport not none yet)

EasyJet and Air France have cancelled flights after being asked by French ATC to cancel 20% of flights.

Paris strike to go on till 4 April 2012 5 AM. Oslo, Norway and Lisbon routes to Paris expected to be hit.

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