Portugal Horta Airport Strike Azores

SATA Strike

UPDATE:- New SATA Strike June 1 and 2, 2017
follow along SATA Azores airline strike

Strike by cabin crews 1 and 2 May, 2017.
30 April, 2017 SATA has flight list up. Hope you were one of the lucky ones. These flights will go SATA Azores
For more Portuguese strikes see our front page
Last year 2014 strikes effecting Horta
Tap Airlines Strike likely to effect flights from Horta.
TAP has a list of flights up TAP
National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) two sets of strikes planned:-
Thursday 30, October 2014
Saturday 1, November 2014
Sunday 30, November, 2014
Tuesday 2, December, 2014 follow along with us TAP Airline Strike   

​26 July 2014 TAP airline pilots will strike Saturday, 9 August 2014. Strike will last 24 hours. Call them. Follow along with us TAP Airline Strike page

Old labor strikes for 2013
March 28, 2013 Portugal TAP Airline Sata Unexpected Easter baggage handlers Azores dispute. Flights have been cancelled see TAP
and SATA Air Açores  

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Airport Strike 2017
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2017 

Is SATA on Strike?

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