LAX, Los Angeles Airport Strike
We monitor some of the strike ridden airlines out of LAX. 
Such as:- 
Lufthansa Airlines - Germany Frankfurt and Munich International airports.

Air France - Tahiti - Papeete and France Paris Charles de Gaulle 

El Al flights to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport often get hit by wild cat strikes. Ben Gurion airport strike

Air Berlin - Dusseldorf Germany (Is Dusseldorf airport on strike?)

Air Canada - Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Toronto Pearson Airport
Air Tahiti Nui - Tahiti - Papeete and France Paris Charles de Gaulle
Alitalia - Italian Rome's Fiumicino Airport
Iberia - Seasonal to Spain's Madrid Airport
(See Airlines Strikes)

Your airline might be innocent, you could be flying into an airport strike at CDG - Paris, Italy - Rome - Fiumicino or Spain's Madrid all countries going through "Austerity Plans"

​Heads up!
7 September 2015 Two strikes you should know.
Italian air traffic control strike and Lufthansa pilots are striking again. Strike will effect your flight to LAX from Germany only tomorrow. Flights between the hours of 8am and midnight will be cancelled, brought forward or delayed. Call them Lufthansa Airlines has a notice up.
Follow along with us Lufthansa Airline Strike
 Lufthansa cargo flights also on strike.

Let's not forget Spanish baggage handlers, Brussels taxi strike and London Underground

​Australia Melbourne and Sydney International customs strikes lately Melbourne airport strike
​Effecting Delta and United Airlines.
        Don't just stop here see who else 
                 is on strike today!

Shaky Airline Status

Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016  

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