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      Tenerife South Airport Strike 2016
      Canary Islands Strike - Spain
Busy airport, flights from:-Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Air Berlin.

25 April 2016 Flights to and from Germany and France possibly Greece also up the creek this week due to:-
German airport strike
2 French air traffic controllers strike
3 Everything else! www.easytravelreport.com

14 March 2016 You should know baggage handlers for Iberia Airlines in Las Palmas/Gando Airport/Gran Canaria Airport have called for strike action. 
Madrid Iberia T4 were out in sympathy today for two hours www.easytravelreport.com for dates

20 February 2016 We had this short note from one of our viewers early today "I've just landed at Tenerife south from Glasgow. There is a strike currently going on. Waiting for two planes to have hold luggage dealt with due to short staff" Thanks Chris

19 February 2016 We've not come up with any strike action for this weekend. Only "Staying on Tenerife Time The Independent

​We have been reading local and national newspapers all week and can't come up with a glimmer of any strike action this week-end.
Here is the union link http://www.cesha.es/
Nothing on Tenerife South airport  either. 
If you know something email us and we will post it ASAP

Tenerife South Airport Strike
Canary Islands
24 January 2016 Tenerife Iberia and Aviapartner - Baggage handlers and Ramp Workers Strike
Partial strikes are planned second weekend of Carnival
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12, 13, 14 February, 2016
Tenerife Airport South
12 and 13 is Aviapartner
12 and 14 is Tenerife Iberia - Air Handling Sector CESHA Union
Information came from this article

Iberia flights - Paris Orly and Madrid Airport

Old strikes for 2015
Attn. This strike is cancelled, talks look promising.
Tenerife Iberia Airlines
Ground workers call off strike planned for December 22 and 29th 2015
Pay attention new strike action at Madrid Airport www.easytravelreport.com

Thursday 23 July 2015 Spanish air traffic control strike is on for the week-end. Meeting today was a failure.

28 June 2015 First Spanish baggage handlers strike:-
Spanish Baggage Handlers Strike
3,500 workers who work for Globalia who own Groundforce baggage handling company will strike starting from July 4, 2015.
Passengers flying on these airlines will be effected:-Aeroflot, Aerolineas Argentinias, Aeromexico, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Saudia, Air France - KLM, Alitalia, Lot, and Lufthansa.
These airports will be effected. Hopefully it’s not yours.
All local times
Barcelona El Prat:-Every Friday 8am - 10am and 7pm - 9pm
Bilbao:- Every Monday 11am - 1pm and 5pm - 7pm
Madrid:-Every Sunday Noon- 2pm and 8pm - 10pm
Seville:- Every Thursday Noon - 4pm and 7pm - 9pm

Canary Islands 
Las Palmas:- Every Wednesday 9am - 11am and 4pm - 6pm
North Tenerife:- Every Monday 1pm - 5pm
South Tenerife:- Every Friday 10am - Noon and 4pm - 6pm

Ryanair has a baggage handlers strike going on right now at Madrid Airport. Although Ryanair announce that workers are now back to work, airline is still on alert. Ryanair adjusted to this strike by giving passengers a choice of landing in another airport, change flight to a different day or fly with no luggage. Perhaps your airline will follow a similar routine or use managers as handlers or bring in scabs.

You might need to know French air traffic control strike is planned for next week, might delay your flight, Brussels airport, Lufthansa flight attendants threaten see our front page for these nasty strike actions www.easytravelreport.com

Old strikes for 2015
8 June strike still on, now fog in the equation at Tenerife North today atcpress

Update:- June 3, 2015 Spanish government deems that 70% of flights must fly. Now it's up to your airline.

Yes it's true, Spanish air traffic control is going on strike and will mess with your travel plans in June 2015. Both North and South airports will be hit.
Spanish air traffic control dates are:-
Times 10 am - Noon and 6 - 8 pm (local times)
Monday 8 June 2014 
Wednesday 10 June 2014
Friday 12 June and Sunday 14 June.
Updates on www.easytravelreport.com

Older strikes for this year that we've caught
24 February 2015 Cleaners threaten strike action all summer. Don't go to the bathroom.
Strikes from 2014
19 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans to and from Tenerife South.

Lufthansa pilot strike, EasyJet Strike and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2014
Workers at Tenerife North and South Airports will strike Saturday, 30 August 2014. Don't adjust your travel plans this strike still has to be confirmed. 

In the mean time this came in today 20 August 2014

Germanwings Lufthansa subsidiary to strike Friday 29 August 2014 from 6 am - Noon German local time. Follow along with us Germanwings strike page. Lufthansa Airline strike page. Argentina general strike today, flights cancelled.

  AENA Spanish Airport workers strike.
20 August 2014 Madrid Airport strike, unions back with new dates of labor strike.
Friday 29 August 2014 3pm - 8pm
Saturday 30 August 2014? To be announced.
Sunday 31st August 2014 7am to 10am and then 8pm to 12pm.
Follow along Madrid Airport Strike


14 August 2014 Workers meet yesterday and cancelled strike plans at Madrid Airport (15 and 17 August) for talks. (I suspect unions are co-ordinating, getting ducks in a row. Can only be bad for travelers)
09 August 2014 Madrid airport strike, will effect Ryanair flights
​6 August 2014 Union CGT-Aena announced today, Madrid Airport strike, by security, firefighters, passenger service.
Friday, August 15, 2014 from 3 - 8pm
Sunday, August 17, 2014 from 7 - 11 am 
and 8pm - 11pm.
          Old Industrial Actions

              Iberia Airline Strike
Update:- February 6 Strike dates are in.
15 strike days, by ground staff and flight attendants. 
23% of workforce to be let go.
Monday to Friday February 18 - 22
Monday to Friday March 4 - 8
Monday to Friday again March 18 - 22
(No strikes planned for Easter Sunday March 31)
Follow along with us Iberia Strike

Aer Lingus Cork and Dublin
British Airlines - Gatwick
Air Europa base.

Tenerife South Airport
Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016 

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