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18 July, 2018 You should know Italian air traffic control and airport workers will be striking nationwide for 24 hours on Saturday 21 July, 2018. Call your airline. Same week-end a rail strike will be on. Very busy airport for Ryanair passengers follow along for Ryanair strike 

5 June, 2018 Your airline flight to and from Ciampino Airport likely to be delayed canceled or brought forward due to Italian air traffic control strike that is planned for the 8 June, 2018 between 1pm and 5pm. Rome will also have a public transportation strike in the morning effecting subways, metro, local trains and trams. Expect traffic jams and taxi's in short supply. Good Luck. For updates see Easy Travel Report

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​Groundcare baggage handlers one of seven baggage handler companies at Ciampino airport. When Groundcare strike, flights get cancelled well into the night. Passengers offered water and hotel accommodation. Need an update on this for 2018.

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Ciampino Airport Strike

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