Marconi Airport Strike, Italy  

See Easy Travel Report for current industrial actions
Bologna Airport   051-6479615 you can also see
ourairports for cancellations today.
Direct flights with Arkia to Israel - Ben Gurion International Airport (home of wildcat strikes)

Bologna Marconi Airport will be closed from 
14 September to the 18th September 2018 for runway repairs. Expect a call from your airline as airport will be closed.

Heads up! 

Update:-19 July, 2018 It's on. Strike by airport workers and air traffic control starts Saturday 21 July, 2018 00:01 - 23:59 hours. Call your airline your flight to and from Bologna airport will be delayed, canceled or brought forward.
Reminder rail strike will be underway see Easy Travel Report
Another aviation strike for you.
Italian air traffic control strike that was planned for the 5 July, 2018 has been deferred till Saturday, 21 July, 2018. Hopefully you will sneak by.
Bologna Airport will be closed from 1pm - 5pm 8 June 2018. Your flight to and from Marconi will be delayed, canceled or postponed. Air One, Blue Panorama and Italian air traffic control is striking nationwide same time. See Easy Travel Report for updates  rail workers are also striking. 

Yes. Your flight could be delayed to and from Marconi Airport due to aviation workers striking Saturday, February 10, 2018. Call your airline

Strikes from last year 2017

Italian nationwide taxi strike 14 December, 2017 Pay attention to extra traffic on roads, airport, ports and train stations follow along with us 
Easy Travel Report

Friday 15 December, 2017 a 24 hour nationwide airport workers strike is planned. Going to be one of those bad days for travel to Italy. See our front page for more strikes that day including air traffic controllers, Alitalia, Ryanair..

December 7, 2017 Alitalia workers 24 hour strike nationwide follow Alitalia strike

Bearing up to be a bad day for travel Tuesday, 
21 November, 2017

21 November, 2017 24 hour taxi strike is planned be ready for your airport road to be blocked, rail station blocked, traffic jams.. (talks on going)

Bologna Airport workers will strike 1 - 5pm,
Tuesday, 21 November, 2017 Same time and date at Pisa airport and Florence airport. 
Baggage handlers nationwide will strike also for the same four hours nationwide..
Follow along


General transportation this week 9, 10 November, 2017. Bologna airport workers will not be on strike but Fiumicino Airport and Brescia airport workers will be between 1pm and 5pm. 
Trenitalia passengers will be delayed.

Italian air traffic control strike planned for 5 July, 2017.
Baggage strike same day 1 - 5 pm. (this might get cancelled, why strike when air traffic control will do it for you?)

On Friday 16 June 2017 a general transportation strike across Italy is to take place.  This will include aviation workers nationwide. Air traffic control is not involved. Contact your airline See Easy Travel Report for more details. Bologna Airport has notice up

Old strikes from earlier this year.
May 26, 2017 Air traffic control strike planned for this Sunday has been cancelled and rescheduled to July 12, 2017 1pm -5pm. Airport worker strikes are cancelled. Alitalia strike is still on. Taxi strike planned for following day also cancelled. 
Someone woke up and realized strike coincide with G7 leaders leaving Italy. Lucky you!

12 May 2017
Bologna Airport Strike

Bologna Airport, personnel will strike for 24 hours, 00:01 23:59hrs. Who knows what these workers do? Several unions involved so you could get caught up in some sort of industrial action. This strike was cancelled.
Next strike you should worry about is May 28th, 2017 when Italian air traffic control will strike, no hours given yet.


Alitalia Strike
Will effect flights worldwide
​​Heads up! Alitalia strike is planned for Wednesday April 5, 2017. 00:01 - 23:59. Expect your flight to be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Several thousand Alitalia workers to be let go. Follow along Easy Travel Report
Follow along Alitalia strike

Air Traffic Control
Monday, 20 March 2017 Italian air traffic control strike 1pm - 5pm is still on. Your flight could be brought forward, delayed or worse cancelled. Call your airline.
Alitalia has notice up

Union workers making it difficult in the aviation sector
  Aviation Strikes Planned for Thursday February 23, 2017

Alitalia Strike
Pilots and flight attendants, nationwide will strike 00:01 - 24:00 hours.

Alitalia Subsidiary Cityliner nationwide strike by pilots and flight attendants 00:01 - 23:59 

Air Italy
Pilots and flight attendants will strike nationwide 00:01 - 24:00

Cabin crew will strike for 24 hours 00:01 - 24:00hrs nationwide 23 February, 2017. Union RSA ANPAV members.

Italian Ryanair crews from 2pm - 6pm 23 February, 2017

Volotea Crews from 2pm - 6pm 23 February, 2017

Bologna Airport
Bologna Airport Alpina workers will strike on the 23rd from 11am - 3pm.

Malpensa Airport workers will strike for 24 hours

Naples Airport
Naples airport personnel will strike between 11am and 3pm

Turin Caselle Airport
Aviapartner baggage handlers, handlers will strike for 24 hours.

Venice Airport
Venice Airport baggage handlers - Aviapartner will strike 2pm - 6pm.
follow along with us you never know what cancellations will come in. For this and other strikes

Industrial actions that effected Bologna Airport 2017

Trenitalia Rail Strike
Tuesday January 17, 2017 trains will stop from 
9 am - 5pm. 

You should know Italian air traffic control strike is planned for 24 November 2015 follow along with us your flight from Bologna airport will be effected. Stay in touch with your airline.

Perhaps you also need to know your Aegean Airlines or AlbaStar or Alitalia or Blue Express or Blue Panorama or Meridiana or Neos or Ryanair flight to Heraklion and Rhodes could be cancelled on November 12 due to Greek civil servant strike.

Friday 6 November 2015 Your Lufthansa flights from Bologna airport likely to be cancelled due to Lufthansa flight attendants strike for a week.
Follow along Lufthansa Strike and our front page

Old strikes effecting Bologna Airport in 2015
14 July 2015 Yes, flights being cancelled left right and centre today. Lufthansa, United Airlines, Ryanair on and on call your airline.

12 July 2015 Good news. Aviation strikes planned for 14 July 2015 have been cancelled. That includes Alitalia and air traffic control.
Although we are still not sure about these two strikes. 
Venice airport workers 10am - 2pm and baggage handlers Aviapartner from 10am - 2pm.
Bologna airport workers 10am - 6pm

see front for page for Bologna rail strike

Old aviation strike action for 2015
Bologna Airport Strike
7 May 2015 Bolongna Airport likely to be hit by baggage handlers strike today from noon - 4pm.
You should know perhaps - Rome's Fiumicino airport Terminal 3 caught fire last night. It took firemen several hours to contain and closed the airport. Road to airport was closed, Fiumicino airport opened around 2pm. Expect flight delays. Alitalia flight attendants were due to strike today but strike was lifted yesterday.
If flying to Germany, beware of German rail strike is on till Sunday.
​​​Old strikes for 2015
Italian air traffic control strike is planned for:- Yes unfortunately flights from Bologna Airport will be involved.
Call your airline your flight will be delayed, cancelled or even brought forward.
Tuesday 17, February, 2015 1- 5pm 
20 March, 2015 from 10 am - 6 pm.
Follow along with us at:-
Italian air traffic control strikes
Alitalia Strikes
Don't just stop here see who else is on strike
Strikes at Bologna Airport 2014
Italian air traffic control strike
Controllers will strike 1 pm - 5 pm local time, 12 December 2014. It’s going to be a mess. Long hauls, short hauls and domestic flights will be grounded. 
In general flights will be not be normal till Sunday.

Alitalia Strike
Workers will strike from Noon - 4 pm. 

As this is a general strike airport workers baggage handlers, ramp workers etc will be striking from 10 am - 6 pm. 
Call your airline. Chances are you will be cancelled or brought forward or delayed.
You don’t want to be traveling around Italy that day. Call work, stay an extra day.

Italian trains will strike all weekend.

Taxi’s will be hard to find, extra traffic on roads causing traffic jams, occasional road blocks.

See Easy Travel Report for further updates

Old industrial actions for 2014
23 October, 2014 Tomorrow Italian public transportation strike, give yourself extra time, leave early to get to the airport on time ETR

17 October 2014 Belgian unions announce general strike and demonstrations, Monday, 15 December, 2014. Updates at ETR

TAP Airline strike dates are in

       Italian ​​​​List of Aviation Strikes
         for Friday, 14 November 2014

18 October 2014 New strike planned by workers at Marconi Airport, 10 am - 6 pm. Friday, 14 November, 2014.
EasyJet Strike for 24 hours
Various aviation workers to strike nationwide for 24 hours.
Italian air traffic control from 1 - 4 pm nationwide.
Alitalia workers from 1 - 4 pm
Techno Sky, (servicing and maintenance of equipment and systems used for the national air traffic control) nationwide time?

We will be updating on our front page
Trend lately, strike threats and ultimately ending in cancellation of strikes. Do you feel lucky?

Morocco general strike follow along with us.
Heads up Strike planned at Bologna Airport October 29, 2014 has been cancelled.
6 October 2014 Strikes planned at Bologna Airport 10 October 2014 have been cancelled. A strike by Bologna Airport workers is being planned for 29 October, 2014. Still time to change. 
Italian EasyJet crew strike, 24 hours, Wednesday, 8 October. Call them. 
Air carrier for Paris Charles de Gaulle Air France. For London Gatwick choice is British Airways to Heathrow or Ryanair to Stansted.
26 September 2014 Air traffic control strike has been cancelled for tomorrow. Marconi airport workers will still be striking.

10 September 2014 Italian air traffic controllers (ENAV) strike planned for 27 September 2014 10 am to 6 pm local time. Follow along with us Italian air traffic control strike. Flights from and to Bologna Airport will be cancelled, moved up or delayed. Added to this, seems strange to us. Marconi airport workers will strike from Noon - 4pm, same day. 50 workers have to be given the heave ho by Sab, management company of Bologna Airport. (if you are going to and from this airport over Christmas be prepared for strike action. In fact change your ticket to another airport. Easier said than done. Nearest airport, Lucca and Parma airports both very small. Verona or Pisa perhaps are best bet.

Old industrial actions
Italian air traffic control will strike Friday May 16, 2014. Italian air space will be closed for one hour 2-3pm local time. Call your airline for details.

29 January 2014 Flights to Bologna Airport in trouble this week due to Pan European air traffic controllers. Italian air traffic control strike Noon to 4pm on Wednesday, 29th January and
Thursday 30th January 2pm to 2:15pm. (Why bother? Guessing a pro Single Sky Bigwig will be in the air)
Follow along with us at Easy Travel Report for other countries involved. You will not be flying far. 

Industrial Actions for 2013
27 August 2013 Bologna airport workers who work for Intergrated services will strike September 9, 2013, all day. Not sure if that means baggage handlers? Keep in touch with our front page. Other strikes are planned.
Possible general strike being planned October 10th see front page

​​Old industrial actions
19 August two strikes for you.
September 6, 2013 Alitalia's subsidiary Cityliner, 24 hour strike. Best call them. Except flights from Bologna airport.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2018

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