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Václav Havel Airport Strike 
Prague Airport Strike
Czech Airport Strike
Hub for Cz Airline

Attention:-20 April, 2015 You can take a train from central Prague to Prague Airport. You might have to climb up 32 steps with your luggage. Porters have been hired for just this reason. Well worth a tip. Airport plans to fix this in the future.

​​​​CZ Airlines flight attendants threaten strike action this Wednesday 26 August 2015. Strike is to last three days. We will update as the news comes in. News is sparse on this subject.

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TAP Air  Portugal strike May 2015 you should also know German rail strike is going on same time Easy Travel Report

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25 September 2014 CZ Airlines, 1/3 of staff to be given the heave ho. Crews threaten strike action. Follow along with us 
CZ Airlines Strike

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Vclav Havel Airport Strike