Tallinn Airport Strike
Update:-Great news, Sunday, January, 6 Estonia airline pilot strike has been cancelled for tomorrow.

Estonia Air strike as of today, January, 4, 2013 strike is still on for January 7.  Don't get caught in the mess have a plan B. (We'd like to know what that is!)

Routes which could be disrupted due to Estonia Airline strike. 
Tallinn–Stockholm,-Trondheim, – Copenhagen, – Oslo routes

Popular airlines from Tallinn Airport as from November 2012 include. 
CZ Airlines - Prague
Finnair - Helsinki
EasyJet - London - Gatwick
Flybe Nordic - Stockholm - Bromma
Lufthansa - Frankfurt and Munich ends 3/13
Ryanair - Luton, Milan and Oslo

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
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Estonia Public Holidays    

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