This airline went under in 2015 not 2016
(we are playing catch up!!)
1 October 2016 Estonian Air has a notice up today "Airline will cease operations November 8, 2016"
Nothing on Tallinn Airport site

Estonian Airline Pilot Strike Cancelled 
January 7, 2013

Estonia Strike
Tallinn Airport
SAS flights
2012 Airline has replaces top executives. Estonia Air Helsinki to Tallinn ends January, 27, 2012.
December Estonia Airline flight attendants sign contract, good till end of 2013. Wages stay the same rate as 2008. Airline has not made a profit since 06.

Estonia Airline Strike
Update:-Great news, Sunday, 
January, 6, 2013 Estonia airline pilot strike has been cancelled for tomorrow. Parties have signed an agreement valid till 2016. 

Friday January 4 Another meeting today, yesterdays meeting was fruitless.
Thursday, January, 3, 2013 Pilots union will meet with mediator today.
January 2, 2013 rumours flying that airline won't even survive to the strike date next Monday. Change your ticket.
Estonian government to hand over a short term loan of 8.3 million euros. 
Estonian Airline strike
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Company relying on European Commission for a bailout of 50 - 70 million euro's. Decision to be made late February.  Going out on a limb here, perhaps pilots won't strike after all, it's not the right time, timing is off.
28 December Estonia air strike still on for the January 7, 2013. Management state not all Estonian airline pilots will strike and they are making a contingency plan. SAS flights will be effected, call your airline to confirm your flight. Tallinn–Stockholm, -Trondheim, –Copenhagen, – Oslo routes

21 December 2012 Estonia Airline pilots to strike Monday January 7, 2013. Pilots will strike till deals made. In the mean time a deal has been made with cabin crew union till the end of 2013. Management may launch a new low cost airline. All in all the long term view of this airline is that its not trust worthy for your hard earned cash. Find a competitor.

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Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016
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Estonian Airline Pilots Association 
The Estonian Air Cabin Crew Union (ESSA)
Local paper Baltic Times
Is Tallinn Airport on strike?

Estonia Air  based in Tallinn Airport, Estonia, government run. Affiliated with Scandinavian Airlines. Losses last year, 2011, 17 million euros. Largest proportion of passengers come from Finland.

Codeshares with:- Aeroflot (SkyTeam) Aerosvit Airlines Belavia
Brussels Airlines (Star Alliance) KLM (SkyTeam) Rossiya and
SAS (Star Alliance)

November 15, 2012 Pilots threatening strike for December 2012. 
Old stuff
25 May Air Estonia back in the news today. Pilots union don't rule out strike from 31 May 2012

8 March 2012 General transportation strike today effecting trams, buses and trolley buses. Airline is asking passengers to leave for airport early  and secure your travel plans. Expect extra traffic on the road causing congestion, taxi's non existent. 

Tallinn Airport and perhaps Estonian Air employees maybe joining in. It's possible this strike could go on for another 
24 hours.

Getting to Tallinn Airport may be tricky as bus line 2 which goes to the airport might be cancelled. Private bus company

Hannsabuss  Bus 90K serves airport to central bus station, Port of Tallinn and hotels.

Estonian Railways will strike. Local paper

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