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​Stansted Airport 

​Stansted Airport Strike
​New rules and regulations concerning sleeping at the airport over night 
Daily Express

23 July, 2018 Stansted will be hit hard by the Ryanair cabin crew row Easy Travel Report
​You should be aware. Here's what the excuse was for baggage delays this week-end
Cambridgeshire Live

27 May, 2018 Compensation after lightening at Stansted strike not likely Essex Live
​List of cancelled flights The Sun
8 October, 2015 This week-end usual airport security workers will strike on Saturday starting 3:45am till 1:45 Sunday. Airport will have a contingency plan in place for you.

8 September 2015 Back again GMB union announce more industrial actions. 
Saturday 13 September 2015 from 3:45 am to midnight.

Sunday 14 September from 3:45am to 1pm.

18 August 2015 Baggage scanner security workers will strike at Stansted airport 3.45 am - 1pm Sunday, 23 August and the public holiday week-end Monday, 31st August, 3:45 am - midnight. Only 30 workers involved, airport will have a contingency plan in place. You will likely not even know a strike is going on.

19 October 2014 We have some air strikes you might want to know about that may effect your travel plans to and from Stansted Airport.

Lufthansa pilot strikeEasyJet Strike and Tap Airlines
Italian air strikes and general strikes in Belgium and Morocco see ETR
German Railway strike issues still not resolved

Old industrial actions for 2014
  Italian Air Traffic Control Strike
Heads Up, Flights to and from Italy will be delayed, cancelled or moved up on Saturday, 27 September, 2014 due to an Italian air traffic control strike

Last industrial actions 2014
 Italy 28 March 2014 You should know pilots from Lufthansa airlines and Germanwings have set strike dates for 2 - 4 April. If flying with Air Berlin make sure you confirm your flight. These passengers have to go somewhere.

PS You should know German airport security strike issue has not been resolved.

             Irish Airport Strike
   Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airports.
11 March 2014 Flights likely to be delayed on Friday due to Irish airport workers strike. Follow along with us Dublin Airport Strike
Ryanair expected to be ht hard for St Patricks Day week-end.

Old industrial actions for 2014
28 January 2014 Flights out of Stansted up the creek this week. Pan European air traffic controllers strike this week. See our front page for which countries are joining in. Call your airline asap, you  and your flight could be brought forward, delayed or even cancelled.

Last years industrial actions 2013
October 22, 2013 Union gives time for more negotiations.

October 14, 2013 Swissport Check in staff and baggage handlers threaten strike action at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow airports. 
Swissport do baggage handling for Thomas Cook, Ryanair, Thomson, Monarch, Virgin and Emirates airlines.

Old industrial actions
Bank Holiday Strike August 2013
August 19, 2013 Cheers. Amazing 
Mitie workers accept pay offer. 
Strike threat is over. You are good to go.

15 All parties to meet today.
12 August 2013 Issue back in the news today. Baggage handlers strike, 23 August - August 26 August 03:30 to 06:00 am and from 15:30 to 18:00. Contingency plan will be in place
26 July 2013 Can you believe it's that time of year again? 
Mitie workers, GMB baggage handlers union members being balloted. August Bank Holiday under threat. We will update as news comes in
Old industrial actions
23 July 2012 Public sector unions back at it again and will strike day before Olympic opening. This involves union members from border control, customs and immigration and passport control. All ports of entry will be hit, Gatwick and Heathrow the most. Expect Stansted airport to be busier than normal due to the Olympics. Airport will have volunteers to guide you. Bring a book, be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Stansted is only 40 minutes from Olympic Park extra traffic on roads. Stansted Express to Liverpool Station also expected to be busier than normal. 

old stuff
Update:- 31 May 2012 Strike is still on 2-6 June negotiations have failed. Strike will end Wednesday yawn 5:30 am.

21 May Stansted Airport strike back on as no deal was reached between the parties Swissport (will have a contingency plan in place) and GMB union baggage handlers. Strikes start this week.
Here's what Stansted Airport has to say.

Wednesday 23 May 5:30 am to 
Thursday 24 May 5:30 am

Week-end Saturday 5:30am 26 May - Monday 28 May 5:30am.

Following week-end though till Wednesday. Saturday June 2, 5:30 am till Wednesday 6 June 5:30.

Swissport serves these airlines only at Stansted Airport:-Ryanair, Thomsonfly, Cyprus Airways, Thomas Cook and Belleair. Other airlines will not be effected.

Stansted baggage strike. 

3 April 2012 Strike canceled for more negotiations. They will be back.
Stansted Airport Strike by baggage handlers just in time for the Easter holiday's. 

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016 

Stansted baggage strike planned for:-
Easter Friday
Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. 
For some reason no strike Easter Sunday.

GMB union workers at Stansted airport who work for Swissport company are having shifts reconfigured. 

Stansted Airport has information on website. Swissport will have a contingency plan in place.

Mitie also has a relationship with Birmingham Airport

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Stansted Airport Strike