​Old industrial actions
Update:-July 15, Greek air traffic controllers will strike from noon to 4pm tomorrow. Delays and knock on effect for passengers.

July 11 A new Greek general strike is planned for Tuesday, July 16, 2013. Call your airline your flight from/to Corfu could be cancelled, delayed or bought up earlier. Busiest Airlines at Corfu Airport, Thomson Airways, Air Berlin, Ryanair, Aegean and Easyjet customers to be hit hard. 

Popular German tourist destination. Flights to and from Germany will be hit hard as you've got Air Berlin, Germanwings, Condor, Germania and TUIfly. Competition for airline seats will be intense.

Don't forget to see our Airport Strike page as several strikes are going on around the world ie Spanish baggage handlers

Old industrial actions
March 5, 2013 If you are flying Iberia subsidiary flight with Air Nostrum to Madrid, they might be on strike. Check our Iberia strike page                                                    

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Corfu Airport Strike - Greece
Corfu Airport site
​When an aircraft is landing air traffic controllers must make sure the traffic light is red.
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​Greek General Strike
Two biggest unions in Greece are planning a general strike for Wednesday, 17 May, 2017, GSEE and ADEDY.
Plan for the worst.
Olympic Air and Aegean airlines will have a revised schedule, as with other public transportation.
Greek air traffic controllers will be striking
Also Greek dock workers have ben on strike this month. Follow along with us www.easytravelreport.com

Last year 2016 Greek strikes

Greek General Strike
Greek general strike is planned for this Thursday 8 December, 2016.
Strike will involve public and private workers. 
Air traffic control so far have not announced any strike action.
Most likely to effect Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines. Stay in touch with them as you could be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 
Public transport will be effected. Confirm you have transport to your airport.
Cyprus airports, Larnaca and Paphos might get caught up in delays.

You should know Greek dockworkers, Panhellenic Maritime Federation (PNO)
 are on strike leaving ferries tied to ports across the country. The strike was to end early Tuesday (tomorrow) but has been extended by two days to come in line with the nationwide general strike on Thursday. Ferry strike will end 6am Friday, local time.

We will update here www.easytravelreport.com
Greek Air Traffic Control Strike 
Update:-Sunday October 9, 2016 Strike was cancelled yesterday afternoon, after airlines had gone all out with cancellations left right and centre, thousands of passengers displaced. Some passengers fortunate to have another day in the sun.All four days of industrial action have been cancelled.

Update:-Saturday 8 October Strike is still on. Note from viewer -:My flight with Ryanair from corfu due to fly 6.30am Tuesday morning still due to fly.

Update:-7 October, 2016 Nothing in the news today, strike still on. Best call work, tell them you are stranded in Corfu, till possibly Tuesday am. Do you have a hotel room?
Aegean and Olympic
Also check NOP

5 October 2016 Greek air traffic controllers will walk of the job with four, 24 hour strikes. 
Disaster for thousands of passengers, Greek air space will be closed.
Sunday 9 October, 2016
Monday 10 October
Wednesday 12 October
Thursday 13 October
New foreign bosses imposing changes, expecting efficiency.
Do see for any updates Easy Travel Report
​It's possible strike may be deemed illegal. Union has given required amount of notice.
Olympic and Aegean will post a list of cancelled flights. Call your airline.

Update:-June 18, 2016 Heads up, Greek 5 day airport strike has been cancelled.

Greek Airport Strike
00:01 Monday, June 20 - midnight Friday June 25, 2016
June 14, 2016 Greek aviation workers belonging to union OSYPA will strike for five days as reported by Reuters. Airports to function with emergency staff only. Expect disruptions on domestic and international flights. Issue over job losses and closure of some air craft towers. Germans take over airports September 2016.

12 April 2016 Heads up! Another Greek general strike is planned for May, after Easter.
Wildcat strike in Belgium today by air traffic controllers
​One more night in Corfu for you. Greek taxi strike is planned tomorrow, (Thursday) check your travel plans. 7:30pm Wednesday demonstrations planned in Corfu See
www.easytravelreport.com for other industrial actions

Tuesday, 5 April 2016 Greek air traffic control strike have joined in the mayhem. Late notice and disrupting thousands of passengers. Call your airline, get a hotel booked. (check back, we are updating)
Strike starts 9pm Wednesday 
strike ends Thursday 11pm. 
​Flight connections leaving from the Greek Islands connecting to Athens International and from Cyprus, Crete, Corfu becomes challenging to say the least. This information was released about 5pm local time today.

4 April 2016 News out from dockers they will strike April 8 for 24 hours, there goes your ferry connection.

28 March 2016 Announced today Greek civil servants will strike for 24 hours, Thursday 7 April, 2016. Massive participation of workers is expected. If you are flying with national airlines Olympic or Aegean you can count on your flight being brought forward, delayed or even cancelled. Call your travel agent. More information to come out in the week. 
Farmers will join in strike action. That means give yourself plenty of time to get to your airport as farmers will likely be blocking road to your airport. Expect road blockages starting by 6am. Same with borders if driving.
Waiting information for dock workers. Follow along with us www.easytravelreport.com

​Earlier strike from this year 2016
Heads up, Greek general strike is being planned Thursday 4 February, 2016. Your Aegean flight will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward to Wednesday.
www.easytravelreport.com for updates. 

Old industrial actions
26 November 2014 Flights to and from Corfu will be hit by a 24 hour strike by Greek air traffic controllers. Call your airline for more information. Public and private workers are on a general strike. Greek ferries are tied for port for 24 hours as well. See Easy Travel Report for updates

     Italian Air Traffic Control                      Strike

Heads Up, Flights to and from Italy will be delayed, cancelled or moved up on Saturday, 27 September, 2014 due to an Italian air traffic control strike

2 August 2013 Airport workers are to strike this Friday August 9, 10 and 11 August. 300 airport workers are to be let go.
All Greek airports expected to be effected. Call your airline to change your flight before the world does. see Greek airport strike

Corfu airport strike
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Airport Strike 2016
Airline strike 2016