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kenya Airways
Tourism slump 2016 not helping matters.
Is Air France on strike?

5 December, 2017 Nigerian workers for Kenya airways strike

30 November, 2017 November, 2017 Update on the engineers. All 140 were fired today. The 250% pay raise was ridiculous, ignored three written warnings to go back to work.

29 November, 2017 Kenya Airways engineers 140 of them, back on go slow today. Aircraft re-fuelers are also striking. No flights cancelled yet, won't be long before maintenance on aircraft reaches critical. Management state strike is illegal. 

Monday 31 July 2017 Kenya Airways pilot's on a go slow, consequently several Kenya Airways flights were cancelled. AP States this started on the week-end.

October 2016 KLM flight attendants on go slow Easy Travel Report

Wednesday December 7, 2016 You should know that Kenya Airways pilots are leaving for other airline
Do yourself a favour, choose another airline carrier.

Monday December 5, 2016 Be aware, some Kenya Airways passengers were left stranded in Nairobi today due to technicians failing to show up for work.

You should perhaps also know that 87 psychiatric patients have scaled the walls surrounding Nairobi’s only psychiatric hospital. Hospital staff strike. Only 17 patients have returned.

11 October, 2016 Kenya Airways pilot union has called for indefinite strike action next Tuesday October 18, 2016.
Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) 
This airline is in financial crisis, if you can get out of your ticket somehow and choose another airline. Codeshares with Air France and KLM who are strike prone this year.

3 October, 2016 Nothing going on here The Star

8 July 2016 Kenya Airways let go 80 employees today. Another 500 employees to be let go due to cut backs.
Long article from Standard Media

General strike planned for July 1, 2016 

28 April 2016 Pilot's back to work Bloomberg News

28 April 2016 Kenya Airways reports pilot's are on strike

French air traffic control strikes

26 April 2016 Kenya Airways pilots planning strike action to force CEO out Bloomberg

Other strikes in the news today French air traffic control and German airports strikes

Strikes effecting Kenya Airways in 2015
17 November 2015 Kenyan aviation workers threaten strike action, down tools if management doesn't address their grievances.

Old strikes effecting Kenya Airways in 2015
Update:-12 August 2015 Union cancel strike that was to start at midnight DailyMail
Kenya Aviation Authority 7,000 union workers threaten strike action starting August 12, 2015. Strike will last seven days if it takes place.
Moi Mombasa Airport and Jomo Kenyatta expect severe delays
2013 strike actions
August 7, 2013 Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya has been closed due to a huge fire LA TIMES    
Kenya Airways
5 September 2012 Has 600 employees in cost cutting measures 126 are to go africanmanager    

11 June Kenya Airways loosing money, not helped by political climate, jet fuel prices, economic losses in Europe, Egyptian spring all adding to its losses.

Moi Mombassa Airport
Airlines leaving Mombassa Moi International Airport

Nairobi hotels, U.S issues warnings regarding possible bomb threats to hotels not safe for tourists Stratfor

Kenyan newspapers

Kenyan border to Somalia closed.
Brits told to stay away from Kenyan coastline dailylmail

Kenya airport workers are on strike over Easter 2012. 50% of airport workers who were on strike have been fired. Police taking over security.Jomo Kenyatta Int. Airport, in Nairobi, busiest in Africa, had no flight delays.

So last year
2011 Kenyan  Airways threaten strike over Jambo Jet routes allafrica

12/24/10 Kenya Airways strike threat over
12 Nov Kenyan Airways management and unions to report to court 26 Nov. on progress of talks.
Kenya Airways strike Oct 13, indefinite..
9/14 Are you flying into Kenya next Monday? You may fly into a power black out. Kenya Power and Light  threaten indefinite strike.

4 Oct. Kenya airways union threatens strike
Kenya Airways

31, August, 2010 Airline workers union, Aviation and Allied Workers, complain that deal made after last years three day strike has not been implemented ie 20% pay raise, productivity allowance, flying, layover, engineering and night allowances. If no agreement is made by Monday expect baggage handlers, ground crews and air control to join in the strike which is to start Tuesday, 7, September.

2 April, 2010  Kenya Airway's would like to inform its customers, investors and the general public that there is no planned Union action or strike from its staff who are members of AAWU contrary to reports appearing in some parts of the media.

Aug. 2009 Strike by flight attendants, engineers and other ground staff.

8/20/09 Two day strike cost Kenya Airways Sh600 million in lost revenue, paralyzed local and international flights, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at airports in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

8/16/09 Kenya Airways strike ended.  Union and management agreed on a pay raise off twenty pecent  over two years and withdrawal of dismissal letters.

14, Aug, 09 Six leaders of the Aviation and Allied Workers Union, the employees' body, were arrested by police at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport before dawn as they addressed staff. They were charged with unlawful assembly and later released on bail. 3 planes only took off from Jomo Kenyatta International, staff  were physically escorted to plane by police and management. Hundreds of passengers have had flights cancelled,

13 Aug, 3,500 engineers, check-in staff, clerical workers and baggage handlers plan to stop work at midnight local time and stage peaceful demonstrations outside Kenya’s airports,

11 Aug, 09 Kenya’s Industrial Court prohibited a planned strike by aviation
industry workers. Next hearing Monday, Aug. 17
Union will defy ban and illegally strike Friday at midnight on Aug. 14. (date change)
Kenya Airways management and AAWU officials have been directed to appear before the industrial court on September 17 at 9 am.

10 August, 2009 Kenya Airways workers to strike Thursday, night, 13 August, 09 expect flight disruptions world wide. Based in Mombasa, Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport in Mombasa, expect severe flight delays, Mombassa,  Entebbe (Kampala) and world wide.

Why? Pay negotiations, union wants a 130 per cent raise. Lowest paid worker earns Shillings 8,000, which they want increased to about Shillings 20,000.($289) Allowances for housing, transport and meals.  Entry level air stewards earn about 34,000 shillings. Also the reinstatement of 300 cabin crew staff who had been laid off.

Union spokesman Jimi Masege “We write to inform you that services at the airports such as fire cover, air rescue, air traffic control services and security and safety at the airport shall be withdrawn,” 
“We are trying to paralyze all the flights for Kenya Airways,” he said. “Without us, flights cannot take off.”

Fire cover and air rescue staff are stand-by fire fighters employed by the Kenya Airports Authority while the security and safety crews guard the airport and carry out security checks on passengers and cargo.

Air traffic controllers are employed by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority while the ground engineers and service staff are hired by the airlines.

Mangement has offered to raise wages by 8 percent and cover all “fixed” allowances over the next two years. 

7/23/09 Kenya Airways increased its trips to Mombasa to 58 in a move meant to counter Air Kenya’s 35 flights per week.

The twenty-one-day strike notice issued by the union as per the Labour Relations Act runs out mid night of August 11 with the strike to have commenced the following day August 12.

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Kenya Airways Strikes, industrial actions  
Based in Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Moi International Airport in Mombasa, travels world wide, London, Mumbai, Paris, Spain, Mombassa being busiest routes. Part-owned by Air France-KLM 27% and codeshares with KLM, Air France and Korean Air. Fly's 12,000 passengers daily.
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