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The object of this page is to collect information on this company.  Such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  Will they strike, go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket!
​               WestJet Pilot Strike

​ALPA Pilot union

​Update:-Friday evening, May 25, 2018 You can relax. Pilot's have agreed to yet more mediation. Threat of strike action has gone. Pilot's and airline urge passengers to book and travel with confidence.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018 All's quiet today.

Tuesday, Update:-22 May, 2018 Nothing yet, 11pm 
Eastern US time. Know your rights cbc.ca

​Update:-WestJet pilot's - first possible strike action 22 May, 2018. Air Canada bringing in extra flights.

The 60 Day federal conciliation period ended today Friday 27 April, 2018. Cooling off period is now in effect for Westjet pilot's. Strike

Old strikes
August, 28, 2013 Westjet flights to Vancouver airport likely to be delayed this coming long week-end. Follow along with us Vancouver airport strike  
Westjet doesn't expect flight delays

Old industrial actions
3/20/2010 New WestJet chief on the attack 

Westjet fliers are going to Hamilton Airport Thanksgiving or Christmas 2009? Expect flight disruptions. Airport employees threaten strike.

9 July 08, Southwest Airlines teaming with WestJet to fly international skies bizjournals.com/baltimore

6/19/08  Air Canada's loss could be WestJet's gain  canada.com

4/8/08 Oops, phopha?) by west jet, Prince George AIDS group threatens suit over airport 'humiliation' Passengers not happy.

WestJet Airlines and Air Canada both flew fuller planes in March than a year earlier, the two airlines said on Wednesday.

Montreal-based Air Canada, the operating arm of ACE Aviation Holdings, said its March traffic, measured by revenue passenger miles, rose 6.4 percent from a year earlier, while overall capacity increased by 1.7 percent.

Its passenger load factor rose 3.5 percentage points, to 79.8 percent, from 76.3 percent in March 2004.

Domestically, traffic increased by 3.3 percent, while capacity decreased by 1.1 percent. The load factor rose 3.4 percentage points, to 79 percent from 75.6 percent a year ago.

Air Canada, the country's major carrier, said March was the 12th straight record month for its load factor.

Number 2 carrier WestJet, Canada's leading discount airline, said its traffic for March 2005 rose 54.7 percent from a year ago, while overall capacity rose 34.7 percent.

Its load factor was up 10.1 percentage points at 77.8 percent. This compares with 67.7 percent last March.

Both airlines have benefited from the demise of discount competitor Jets go in early March.

3/31/08  battle for business travelers in Canada is a bit like watching the little guy in a fight with one arm strapped behind its back.eturbonews.com

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WestJet Strike - WestJet Pilot Strike

Update:-Sunday evening, May 27, 2018 ALPA pilot union happy as pilots who fly for Swoop, the new Westjet subsidiary will belong to ALPA union.