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Vancouver BC Airport (YVR) strike, threat by

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​August 12, 2016 Oh no, airport food workers threaten strike action cbc.ca
​See what other travel strikes are going on
August 30, 2013 Deal made with the help of mediator. Have a nice trouble free trip!
Members still have to vote on the deal.

August 29, 2013 Meetings still on for today. We do know that picketing will take place in several areas of the airport. Our advice is to get to the airport early. (You might encounter accidents or broken down cars on McConachie Way or N Service Road. Yes, we are paranoid)

August 27, 2013 Passengers getting agitated. 
All parties will meet 28 and 29th.
We've learned a skeleton crew (12) will be working. Possible strike start date this Friday.
Spokeswoman for the airport  states a "maintenance of service agreement" will keep airport running. 
You'd best be prepared for the worse, book a hotel room for just in case, cancel it when you know your flight will leave.  Find out what your airline has to say.
August 23, 2013 Searching around the Internet, nothing new for strike news. Just, Kanye west punching photograph and 2nd largest Victoria Secret store opening in down town. Perhaps later today something will come out.
August 17 Staying at Vancouver airport Sheraton? Staff are on strike
August 13, 2013 Issue back in the news today. Public Service Alliance of Canada, Union of Canadian Transportation Employees Local 20221 edging towards a Labour Day strike. Monday September 2. Nothing set in stone just yet. Management state they will have a contingency plan in place. (First responders will be striking, just how will that happen?)
We will continue to monitor the situation, check back for updates.
July 10, 2013 That time of year again. Vancouver International Airport 70 refuellers back in the news again. Along with baggage handlers, runway maintenance, 300 emergency workers and pen pushers. Possible strike date Sunday, July 28, 2013.

Old industrial actions
Sunday, 18, July, 2010 Refuellers issue has not gone away.  ServiceAir issued lock out to some workers last week.  Be prepared for possible disruptions this week. Alternative measures will be in place.

Update:- 4/21 Vancouver Airport refuellers "tentative agreement" union recommends members take the deal.
Update:-Wednesday, 14, April. Refueling company will lock out refuellers Friday, 72 hours.  Experienced management will step in. No delays expected...
Vancouver International possible serious travel delays in the near future.  Bitter dispute between airline refuellers and management. Passengers may encounter go slow or delays from 12, April.  Vancouver Int. Departures

14, April, 2010, Vancouver International strike threat by aircraft refuellers.  Expect delays, go slow from 12, April, 2010. 

3, Dec.09 Possible strike by Hertz employees, 
Mid January if mediation fails.  Union will give the company 72-hours notice before industrial action. Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378, 

Workers at Pacific Coach Lines (PCL) voted 91 per cent in-favour last Friday of strike action

1, December, 2009, Vancouver, BC airport possible strike by Swissport ground handling and baggage services.  Disruption by 300 Union members have voted to strike. Row over wages. Full-time wage is $11.30 per hour. Contract expired in September.

Will effect passengers traveling on WestJet and Continental Airlines flights over the Christmas holidays. No strike date set yet.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver from Feb. 12 to 28.

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