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Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) union that represents 340 locomotive engineers and yardmasters, total 2,600 employees 

Via Rail 


Orléans Express,  inter-city buses in Quebec.

What are these airlines up to?

Air Canada

Porter Airlines
offered stranded travelers a 25 percent discount on some domestic flights.

Workers, including those who maintain the trains or those who work in call centers, are represented by the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union, and not Teamsters Canada, which represents railway workers.

Canada's Via Rail strike

                            Via Rail strike
That time of year again!
Canadian Auto Workers unions threatening strike by June 14, 00.001 hours. Strike if it goes a head will last for 72 hours. Strike involves 2,000 workers, car service and maintenance workers.
Via Rail will have a contingency plan in effect. 
Via Rail contingency plan
Old industrial actions
21, July, 2010 Union members accept a three year contract. Your good to go!
27, June, 2010 Union take a tentative three year  deal, union members will announce if they accept deal in 2 weeks.
26, June, 2010 Via Rail has contingency plan ready to go.
Union Threaten strike for midnight, Sunday.

24, June, 2010 Union issues 72 hour strike notice.

23, June, 2010  Canada's Via Rail strike threaten strike for midnight, Sunday, June, 27. Heads up Canada Day, July 1.and passengers in Windsor.  Negotiations on going. Strike if goes ahead will include Via ticket sales employees. Via rail will offer basic service if strike should happen. Only economy class will be available. Tickets will be available online only.

11/27/09 Via rail trains, stations and employees have nothing to with the strike by CN

7/31/09 Response to a 60 percent discount offer crashed its Web site. 

7/28/09 Tuesday. Turns out these discounts are well worth it. Post strike discount 60 percent, reservation office swamped.  Discounts only apply till Wednesday at midnight.

7/26/09 Via Rail Strike over. "We reached the conclusion that there was no possible agreement in the short term," Daniel Shewchuk, president of the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference, said in a statement. "That is why the parties came to the agreement to submit their outstanding issues to final and binding arbitration." Service will start this evening. Layoff notices were canceled. A federally appointed arbitrator will propose a new collective agreement to both parties, perhaps as early as mid August.  Via Rail offering discounts on trips through Dec. 14., hurry up.

7/25/09  Via Rail let go temporarily 2,000 employees and threaten to close 16 stations by Wednesday if situation is not settled. Train travel is paralyzed  from the Atlantic to the Pacific

7/24/09 Friday, Canadian rail transportation strike. Friday. Negotiations went on till 1am with no resolution.  Air Canada and Porter Airlines will put on larger planes if necessary.   Greyhound will put on more buses.
Via Rail arranged for four charter flights for stranded passengers, Winnipeg Airports Authority spokeswoman Christine Alongi said Friday.
Three of those flights were scheduled for Friday, while the fourth flight was scheduled to leave Toronto Saturday afternoon.

7/23/09 Thursday. Via will ensure that passengers departing prior to noon Friday will be transported by train or alternative transportation, Mr. Andrews said, a spokesman for Via. "In a lot of cases, it will be by chartered bus, but if we have transfer someone . . . all the way from Winnipeg to Vancouver, it is more likely we will fly them."

"In a lot of cases, it will be by chartered bus, but if we have transfer someone . . . all the way from Winnipeg to Vancouver, it is more likely we will fly them."

Quebec will be hardest hit, as the Quebec City-Windsor route is Via's busiest, carrying about 9,000 passengers daily.

7/22/09 Wednesday.  Via rail have canceled several long distant trains in preparation for possible strike by train engineers this Friday 7/24/09 at noon. Union has given Via Rail 72-hour strike notice.  Workers will start powering down on Wednesday. No trains will run after the noon deadline, unless it's on route of which it will finish journey by train or bus.

Toronto  to Vancouver and back will depart as scheduled but routes will be terminated in Winnipeg.  Toronto to Vancouver will also be cut short or canceled on Wednesday and Thursday.
Trains leaving Winnipeg to Churchill will terminate at The Pas.

Trains on the Sudbury-White River and Victoria-Courtenay routes will remain in service, as they are operated by third parties on VIA’s behalf.

Mediator has been appointed

Call for information, VIA at 888 VIA-RAIL (842-7245) or 800 268-9503 (hearing impaired).

For information regarding Amtrak trains connecting to or from Canada, please contact Amtrak directly at 1-800-USA-RAIL, or visit amtrak.com

Workers have been without a contract since December, 2006.

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Canada, Via Rail  Railroads busiest week of the year for tourists is the last week of July. 12,000 passengers daily, 503 trains weekly.  Main route  Windsor and Montreal, Quebec City.
Links financial capital Toronto in the east and the western city of Vancouver a 4,500-kilometer (2,796-mile) 
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