January 22, 2013 European Airline Strike by Pilots and Cabin Crews.

Pilots and cabin crew "Parallel Walkouts for Safety"

Update Friday, January 18, 2013 for you.
"Walkout for Safety" Demonstrations in Milan, Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt see Euro Cockpit 
it will make you twitch. On a closer look, things look very civilized. Will involve press conferences by unions, demonstrations, distribution of leaflets and handing over petitions. Although unions do not rule out local work stoppages.

The Parliament Martin Banks, has more information and goes into detail about the single bag policy.
More information in detail from Euractive

December 1, 2012 We have to presume that this ECA press release is not all bluster and that information will be released as late as legally possible. Giving airlines little wriggle room.
(We will be updating as we find information and post your articles that you send us)

Can you change your flight to either Monday January 20th, no later than noon or Thursday 24th morning?

Well before this who-ha starts and ends. Do it now before everyone else does. Look on the bright side it's on a Tuesday. Ski packages and school holiday passenger traffic will miss it.

If you can't change, your flight could well leave with no problems and you show us how it's done. We can take the smirking. We have no idea what a parallel strike is. May all be gentlemanly and civilized?

Shaky Airline Status

Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2013

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Mulling it overs
These associations/federations/unions best have deep pockets. I guarantee management from Lufthansa, Ryanair and British Airways will come after them viciously on our behalf. Of course we agree with the cause but don't see why we the paying customer, who are always right by the way should take a financial - emotional hit.

How do we find out how much money these  have organizations have in the bank?

Last November 14 we had that half-assed attempt to cripple European travel with a Pan-European strike. I'm sure you remember that if traveling.

Why now in this economy? Do you think it's related. Just paranoid... ECA association is out of Belgium also. Is this likely to be a yearly event?

When is a union a Federation?

Even if nothing happens they got us all twitching and have put the much needed spot light on the dangers flight crews take daily and they all want pay raises like the rest of us.

Did you ever read the details about the Colgan Air crash. Wall St Journal. Would you like your surgeon up 22 hours.

(Hope to have a fancy forum in the future. Just can't figure out which company to go with)

By coincidence I saw the movie "Flight" last night with Denzel Washington.. Have you seen it? No give away's here. Second thoughts don't go see it.

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Organisations involved

European Cockpit Association ECA 38,000

European Transport Workers Federation ETF

Flight Time Limitations FTL

European Aviation Safety Agency