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Lynden Pindling International Airport

10 September 2016 Bahamas Air Traffic Control Strike
Lynden Pindling Airport Strike

September 10, 2016 Bahamian air traffic controllers went on strike today for two hours at Lynden Pindling Airport.
BATCU Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers’ Union
In that short time span. Delta flights were delay for three hours, passengers missed connecting flights. A Jet Blue flight was cancelled. Other airlines affected InterCaribbean, American Airlines, Bahamasair, Flamingo Air, Le Air, Western Air, Pineapple Air, Sky Bahamas, Southern Air.

January 4, 2013 Last years negotiations still not complete.  No contract since 2008. Air traffic control union (BATCU) threaten strike.  That time of year.

Old Issues
14 April 2012 Saturday Customs and immigration on strike till May. Elections Monday May 7. Expect delays at Lynden Pindling airport. Government workers filling in. Workers told to return to work on Sunday.

11 April Picketing by customs and immigration workers today Grand Bahama Airport The Freeport News

10 April 2012 Customs and Immigration officers will continue with strike. Strike over Easter week-end was handled by police and junior staff. No significant flight delays.

8 April Airport custom and immigration workers striking this weekend. Expect major flight delays. Call your airline. BA to Heathrow expected to be interrupted.
Here's a list of airlines that will be effected includes JetBlue, US Airways, Delta. Here is an article from Tribune242
6 March 2012 Unhappy Bahamas airport workers are threatening to strike over Easter. Nassau airport workers have been working without a contract since 2008. This week-end was chaotic two hour long lines, people fainting, no nurse on duty. Workers only worked 
9-5 PM. Managers had to fill in. Prince Harry was visiting.

31 December 2011 Air traffic controllers have given up work to rule thenassauguardian.com

31 December Several powerful unions have teamed up. They mean business.  tribune242.com

27 December Customs officers have decided not to strike.

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Bahamas Air Traffic Controllers Strike
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