Tripoli Airport Strike - Libya

           Libyan Air Traffic Control Tower

17 November 2016 Tripoli Airport day two, a sit in, nationwide by baggage handling company. 
24 August 2014 ISIS take over Tripoli Airport and national TV station.

17 July 2014 Pilgrims. Libyan's returning from Ramadan - Mecca -  are flying into Zouwara Airport 100km west of Tripoli or Ghadames which is 500km south west of Tripoli.

​15 July 2014 Tripoli Airport hit by missiles. People killed, 70 wounded. Control tower was hit along with two planes. Roads to airport blocked
Libya Herald

Last years problems
30 November 2013 Libyan domestic flights have been delayed 15 minutes by air traffic controllers.

Libyan air traffic controllers in talks with Minister of Transport today. After ten days of talks controllers threaten strike tomorrow if deal not made after ten days of talks.
If this happens Tripoli Airport will be closed and Libya Airlines grounded

Old industrial actions

16 September 2012 Air traffic control strike over with today. It started Friday in response to the murder of the American ambassador to Libya.  
Air space now open for FBI to come in and investigate ambassadors murder.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
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Airport Strike 2017
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