Reus Airport Strike Spain

Reus Airport, Tarragona is one hour away from Barcelona El Prat International Airport. Flights may get diverted once in while to here from Barcelona Airport ie:- if Swissport (baggage handlers) workers strike. Airlines will put on a shuttle service. Give yourself a good four hours extra time before flight time.
Big players here Ryanair, Thomson Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines. Always pick up a train in Barcelona.
               Reus Airport Strike
2017 You've made a great choice coming to Reus airport, one hour twenty minutes south from busy Barcelona Airport. So busy it will be classed as an International airport in 2018/2019.

Strikes from 2015 that effected Reus Airport 
Spanish air traffic controllers will strike.
Update:-8 July 2015 80% of flights by law must leave during these strike hours.

Update:-7 July 2015 Meeting to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) decision to be made over minimum service. At the moment 80% of controllers must attend work.
29 June 2015 New Spanish air traffic control dates are in. Local times.
Saturday 11 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 12 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Saturday 25 July 2015 10am - 1pm
Sunday 26 July 2015 5pm - 8pm
Follow along with us at Spanish air traffic control strike 2015

Old strikes from 2013
Update:-August 11, 2013 strike went off today without a hitch. Because of this unions will have to figure out a plan B.
A strike web is in place to catch/snarl you going and coming on holiday.
Announced today July 19. Workers will strike on, local time:-
Saturday July 20 6-9PM
Sunday July 21 8AM - 11AM
Saturday July 27 6-9PM
Sunday July 28 8AM-11AM
Saturday August 3 6-9PM
Sunday August 4 8AM -11AM
Saturday August 10 6-9PM
Sunday August 11 8AM - 11AM 
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2017

Barcelona Airport Strike
June 27, 2013 Barcelona El Prat airport hit by Swissport employee strike. 
28 June - July 15, 2013 flights will be diverted to Reus Airport. One hour away. Airlines will supply shuttle buses between the two airports. Airlines recommend "GET TO THE AIRPORT 4 HOURS EARLY". follow Barcelona Airport Strike

Barcelona airport website
Reus Airport site

February 26, Malaga airport, Iberia Airline has flight cancellation planned for March 4 5 6 7 8 for Iberia, Iberia Express, Air Nostrum and Vueling.

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2017 Why Barcelona Airport?
Barcelona airport had 32.2 million international passengers last year more than Narita, Tokyo or JFK New York..
This summer 2017 projections will see another 1.3 million passengers. 
Going though customs and immigration has become a free for all. Medics stand by on the two hour line just in case they have to take you to hospital.
Next time see if Reus Airport (1hr 20mins south) or Gerona Airport 1hr 20mins north of Barcelona Airport will work out for you. Lot less of headache shuttles regularly to Barcelona.