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Airport Strike 2017

French air traffic control strike 2017

​​​​​French air traffic control strikes, general strike and Air France strike! Will effect your flight from Strasbourg Airport.

February 2016 Perhaps you need to know Air France union workers threaten strike action early March as with aviation unions in Finland
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Strikes effecting Perpignan Rivesaltes 2016 Update:-23 March 2016 French air traffic controllers threaten more strike action next week if they don't get something in concrete. Perhaps in time with the General strike on the 31st which Air France cabin crews will be joining in with.
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25 January 2016  Flights from Perpignan to be delayed due to French public transportation strike.

Strike is planned for tomorrow.
This includes air traffic controllers and taxi drivers. 

Taxi drivers will block majour roads and your airport road. Be prepared to hoof it with your luggage.

Air traffic control have asked airlines to cut back flights tomorrow by 20%.
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Strikes from 2015
French Air Traffic Control Strike
Strike will start 0400 UTC Thursday 2 July, 2015 till 0400 UTC Saturday, 4 July, 2015.
If you are flying on these days expect your flight to be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. 
French air traffic control will ask airlines to cancel a certain percentage of flights to, from over and around France by as much as 50% is possible. Can you adjust your plans before everyone else does? Might cost you a fee. Other passengers who wait end up back of the line to other passengers whose flights were not cancelled. Airlines not likely to know what's going on till 24 - 48 hours before strike action. 
follow along with us at www.easytravelreport.com Spanish and Italian air traffic control are also striking in July

Old strikes for 2015
11 January, 2013 Airport workers uneasy over rumours flying today that Air France might pull out of Perpignan Airport due to budget cuts.

Airlines that fly into Perpigna Rivesaltes 
Aer Lingus - Seasonal only to Dublin
Air France - Paris Orly and BritAir 
Flybe - Birmingham and Southampton
Volotea - Nantes
Ryanair - London Stansted  and Brussel Charleroi
and Iberia - Operated by Air Nostrum Palma de Mallorca

Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2016       
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