Muscat Airport Strike - Oman 

​Good news for travelers for a change.
Union news 13 Nov 2013 Oman government has banned strikes in essential services or instigating workers to strike includes oil companies, refineries, ports and airports. New rules start January 1, 2014
This is how it will work.  Disputes will be resolved by a committee, ministry representative, member of Chamber of Commerce, General Federation of Oman Trade Unions If issue not resolved by three weeks the case will be transferred to a competent authority. Essential workers who strike, will be considered absent. Employer will have the right to take legal action.
Civil servants will now have standardised pay and service grades. 

​Heads Up
Are you traveling to Italy? General strike planned in March 2016 for updates

Old industrial actions
1 June 2013 Day two workers at Muscat Airport have been on strike, Management brings in extra workers. No flight delays or cancellations reported.
12 March 2013 10,000 airport construction workers on strike today over safety issues. Muscat Airport has been building a new terminal at Muscat airport for which seems like an eternity.

Local Papers you might find information:-
Oman Tribune
Times of Oman
Oman Observer      

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