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Compass Airlines  701-420-6282
Based in Minneapolis St. Paul
Delta Connection carrier

28 August 2010 Full time flight attendant fired for stating she qualifies for food stamps.  avstop.com
March 2010 Contracts talks begin for flight attendants

Compass Airlines subsidiary officially got off the ground Wednesday. Flight 2002 left Washington's Dulles International Airport with 43 passengers and landed in Minneapolis on Wednesday morning. It arrived two minutes early.

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Airport Strike 2016
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12 October 2012 Compass Airline Delta subsidiary flight attendants have voted overwhelmingly for strike acton if talks fail.

    Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport
    Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

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    Compass Airline Delta Connection

15 September 2012 Flight attendants are call ing for a strike vote. Feed up with the way the slow negotiations have been going.
19 December 2011 Flight attendant with "a narcissistic personality disorder"  accused of setting a fire on plane usatoday  
October 2011 Mediator has come in from the National Mediation Board to help the dispute between management and flight attendants.