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Strikes that might effect 
      Royal Air Maroc

​Wednesday 15 August 2018 Strike over, deal made with pilots union.

Sunday, August 5, 2018 Strike still going on Air One o one

Friday, 3 August 2018 Here's the latest from Ansamed

Thursday 26 July, 2018 RAM will like other airlines have trouble paying up
compensation to passengers Morocco World News
Rule 261

Monday, 23 July, 2018 Royal Air Maroc has posted notice regarding flight delays. Are you aware airline codeshares with Iberia? See strike at Barcelona airport by Iberia workers
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Sunday, 22 July, 2018 Day 3 of Royal Air Maroc pilot strike. Some flights were canceled today and tomorrow.

Monday 16 July, 2018 Talks end without an agreement with pilots.

9 April, 2015 Royal Air Maroc flights cancelled today due to French air traffic control strikes. New strike dates have been added for April and May 2015

Morocco - General strike planned Wednesday, 29 October, 2014 lasting 24 hours. Keep an eye on ONDA Follow along with us ETR
November:-Several Italian aviation strikes planned 14 November, 2014.
see ETR

Italian EasyJet strike 14 November 2014

December:- Belgium general strike 15 December 2014 ETR

Old industrial actions
March 29, 2013 Togo General strike April 4 and 5 possible delays for Air France - CDG, Royal Air Maroc - Accra - Casablanca at 
Togo Lomé Tokoin Airport Strike?

Old stuff
Is Royal Air Maroc looking for a partner?
AF Reuters

10/16/09  As if Maroc has not had enough problems now Orly Airport baggage handlers have been on strike.  Day three, 
Royal Air Maroc, has moved its flights to Charles de Gaulle airport. See Easyjet, Paris, Orly

10/5/09 Moroccan Airline Pilots' Association (AMPL) have succeeded in reaching an accord with the airline

9/27/09 Casablanca and Washington, DC. new route coming.

23, September, 09 Pilots and all parties will meet up again this week.  Issue still not over.

4, September, 09 Thursday and today Friday, Maroc pilots back on strike all 33 airliners grounded. How long for?

27 August,09 Talks beginning, management allow banned pilot Bouchra Bernoussi to return to work, after banning her from flying following statements to the press.

Wednesday, 19, August, 09. The 3 day strike is dragging on.turned into a nine day strike.  Will end this Friday, 21 August,

15 august, 09 Pilots still on strike and passengers enduring hours of waiting at Rabat Airport..

Wednesday, 12 August strike by pilots again, this time for three days.  Company has stated it will not affect passengers as they have leased planes and pilots I presume from else where. 95 percent of RAM's 384 pilots are on strike and airline's 33 planes are grounded,

10 August, 09  Management meeting, pilots not asked back to the negotiating table.

4 August, 09 Royal Air Maroc (RAM) agreed to meet with the pilots' association today.. More strikes will happen if negotiations fail.
Airline has doubled it's fleet to 60 aircraft since 2000 and has been forced to recruit foreign pilots.  During strike airline operated 85 percent of flights. Passengers booked on cancelled flights were able to travel with other airlines, but had frustratingly long waits at the airports. 354 pilots, only 30 did not participate in the last strike.

Royal Air Moroc (RAM) pilots union AMPL a sick-out Wednesday 22, July 5pm to Saturday July, 25, 8am.  Same problem the recruitment foreign pilots flying for Blue Atlas, subsidiary of RAM.

Moroccan Airline,Royal Air Morac, pilot strike, from 5pm, 17, July, 2009 Pilots kept word, strike action till 8am Monday 20 July. Long strike. Will likely be a really long weekend for unassuming passengers.  Number to call for help.  0890 00 08 00. Action over recruitment of foreign pilots. Losses of almost a million euros per strike day incurred

12 July, 09 Morocco, Moroccan, Royal Air Maroc (RAM) pilots in the coming days will start a series of strikes in the hopes of bringing management back to the table. Maroc pilots union complaining that Atlas Blue airline have higher salaries and cutbacks such as cut-price tickets for family members.

May, 09 Royal Air Maroc airliner, Boeing 767 had hard landing at JFK, 10 million dollars worth of damage.  Management have rented another plane till this one is fixed.

Bombarded by complaints, open letter sent to the King from Moroccans living over seas complaining about bad customer service, prices and low moral with employees.

Last strike October, 2008 since then nothing has been done

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See who else On Strike today?
The Moroccan Association of Airline pilots (AMPL)

The Moroccan Airports Authority
Office National of Airports ONDA 

RAM Express

Whose on strike today?

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