Here's what happened last time. Not sure if this strike went ahead.

Article from Regional
REGIONAL unions filed a notice of strike for Wednesday, June 29 and Thursday, June 30, 2011.

Several flights are canceled by REGIONAL during this period.

We invite you to check the status of your flight in real time before you get to the airport:
- On under "Info & flight destinations,"
- By phone at 3654 (0,34 euros / min)
- SMS by sending their flight number to 3654 6 (example: AF3661).
or by consulting the list of canceled flights below.

The teams in airports and commercial services of Air France Regional and mobilized to inform customers whose flights are canceled.
Please accept our apologies for the disruption 
caused genes.

List of flights canceled for the day Wednesday, 
June 29, 2011:

Paris Network:
AF5308 CDG Paris - Clermont-Ferrand
Paris CDG AF5492 - Hanover
AF5493 CDG Paris-Hannover
AF3284 CDG Paris - Basel / Mulhouse
AF3285 Basle / Mulhouse - Paris CDG
AF3286 CDG Paris - Basel / Mulhouse
AF3287 Basle / Mulhouse - Paris CDG
AF5521 Nuremberg - Paris CDG
Paris CDG AF3242 - Oviedo
Oviedo AF3243 - Paris CDG
AF5572 CDG Paris - Vigo
AF5573 Vigo - Paris CDG
Paris CDG AF5376 - Verona
Verona AF5377 - Paris CDG
Paris CDG AF5384 - Verona
AF2216 CDG Paris - Leipzig
AF2217 Leipzig - Paris CDG
AF7730 CDG Paris - Nantes
AF7731 Nantes - Paris CDG
AF1082 CDG Paris - Prague
AF1782 CDG Paris - Prague
AF1783 Prague - Paris CDG
AF1274 CDG Paris - Oslo

AF1228 CDG Paris - Bologna

Bologna AF1229 - Paris CDG

Paris CDG AF3220 - Goteborg

Goteborg AF3221 - Paris CDG

Paris CDG AF5556 - Aberdeen

Aberdeen AF5557 - Paris CDG

AF5532 CDG Paris - Bremen

Bremen AF5533 - Paris CDG

AF5518 CDG Paris - Nuremberg

AF5519 Nuremberg - Paris CDG

Network Province:
AF5404 Lyon - Brussels
AF5405 Brussels - Lyon
AF3212 Lyon - Clermont Ferrand
AF3215 Clermont Ferrand - Lyon
AF3216 Lyon - Clermont Ferrand
AF5444 Lyon - Lorient
AF5445 Lorient - Lyon
AF5446 Lyon - Lorient
AF5566 Lyon - Venice
AF7813 Lyon - Lille
AF7814 Lille - Lyon
AF7815 Lyon - Lille
AF7816 Lille - Lyon
AF7817 Lyon - Lille
AF7886 Lyon - Nice

AF3295 Milan - Lyon

AF3202 Bordeaux - Barcelona
AF3203 Barcelona - Bordeaux
AF3206 Bordeaux - Barcelona
AF3207 Barcelona - Bordeaux
AF3170 Bordeaux - Lisbon
AF3171 Lisbon - Bordeaux
AF5450 Bordeaux - Marseille
AF5451 Marseille - Bordeaux
AF5452 Bordeaux - Marseille
AF5453 Marseille - Bordeaux
AF3122 Bordeaux - Nantes
AF3127 Nantes - Bordeaux
AF3202 Nantes - Bordeaux
AF3207 Bordeaux - Nantes
AF3170 Strasbourg - Bordeaux
AF3171 Bordeaux - Strasbourg
AF5472 Strasbourg - Bordeaux
AF5473 Bordeaux - Strasbourg
AF3160 Clermont Fd - Nantes
AF3161 Nantes - Clermont Ferrand
AF3166 Clermont Fd - Nantes
AF3167 Nantes - Clermont Ferrand
AF3252 Toulouse - Düsseldorf
AF3253 Düsseldorf - Toulouse
AF3248 Toulouse - Rome
AF3249 Rome - Toulouse
AF5318 Lille - Marseille
AF5319 Marseille - Lille
AF5325 Marseille - Lille
AF5356 Strasbourg - Lille
AF5357 Lille - Strasbourg
AF5510 Lille - Toulouse
AF5511 Toulouse - Lille
AF3274 Nantes - Montpellier
AF3275 Montpellier - Nantes
AF5467 Marseille - Strasbourg
AF5590 Toulouse - Marseille
AF5591 Marseille - Toulouse
AF5594 Toulouse - Marseille
AF5595 Marseille - Toulouse
AF3279 Milan - Nantes
AF3280 Nantes - Milan
AF5333 Nantes - Nice
AF5334 Nice - Nantes
AF5539 Toulouse - Strasbourg
AF5540 Strasbourg Toulouse
AF5545 Toulouse - Strasbourg
AF5546 Strasbourg - Toulouse
AF7874 Bordeaux - Nice
AF7875 Lille - Bordeaux
AF7896 Strasbourg - Nice
AF7897 Nice - Strasbourg

AF3132 Bordeaux - Lille

AF3135 Lille - Bordeaux

AF5482 Strasbourg - Amsterdam

AF5364 Nantes - Amsterdam

AF5365 Amsterdam - Nantes

AF5350 Strasbourg - Lille

AF5351 Lille - Strasbourg

AF3263 Amsterdam - Clermont-Ferrand

AF3203 Bordeaux - Nantes

AF3202 Nantes - Bordeaux

FY 5508 Lille - Toulouse

AF5509 Toulouse - Lille

AF3278 Toulouse - Milan

AF5543 Toulouse - Strasbourg

AF5544 Strasbourg - Toulouse

Day Thursday, June 30, 2011:

Paris Network:
AF5515 Nuremberg - Paris CDG
Verona AF5375 - Paris CDG
AF1083 Prague - Paris CDG
AF1275 Oslo - Paris CDG

Further information:

For the customer expected to travel between June 29 and July 3, 2011, the trip can be changed, regardless of the type of ticket, and without collecting penalties change / refund arrangements related costs.

Customers whose flights are canceled or delayed, can change their travel or request a refund of their ticket under certain conditions by contacting their point of sales.

Report possible in the same class of booking until: 30 September 2011 inclusive. For terms, please contact your travel agent or Air France.
NB: When the change relates to the trip, the date of the return trip can be changed in order to preserve the original duration of the stay.

Re-ticketing before: July 6, 2011

Possibility of changing destination: YES.
For terms, please contact your travel agent or Air France.

Refund: Permitted only if the flight is canceled.

. Award tickets the same treatment as paid tickets (re-crediting of miles and refund of fees if paying).
. For the customer who is at the transfer point and refuses the proposed re-routing, AF supports his return to the airport of departure. For the procedures, please contact Air France. 
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Regional Airline Strike 
Subsidiary of Air France
Regional Airline strike by some 1,800 airline workers for 21-23 July 2012. Friday alone 30% of flights cancelled same with Saturday and Sunday. Another 6% of flights cancelled for Monday.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2015

Another Air France strike is being planned from Wednesday - Sunday July 25 to 29.
The industrial dispute has been called for by two minor pilots' unions. Air France expecting limited disruptions. Flight changes will be announced Monday 23 July, including rebooking and refunds. Make sure airline has your phone numbers and email.
email me
Here's what Regional has to say.
Industrial dispute of Regional from July 20 to 23

Strike action will disrupt flight operations by the airline Regional, which operates short and medium-haul flights for Air France in France and Europe, from July 20th to 23rd.

Customers travelling on a flight operated by Regional can check the flight schedule on Air France website: “” in the "Flight schedules" section.

The schedule of flights operated will be available 24 hours before flight departure.

Air France will inform its customers personally via SMS or e-mail in case of disruption affecting their flight, as long as they have provided the necessary contact details (mobile phone and/or e-mail) online on Air France website, in the "View / Modify your reservation" section.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this strike action called by our partner airline.
We will do all we can to limit the inconvenience caused.

Reminder: To find out which airline is operating your flight, we invite you to consult your itinerary receipt.

Commercial measures offered:
If you hold a ticket booked on a flight operated by Regional, we have implemented commercial measures to enable you to modify your journey planned from July 20, 2012 to July 23, 2012. The following solutions can be offered until July 31, 2012.

- If you wish to travel until August 30, 2012 included, the modification of your booking is possible free of charge in the same cabin of travel, irrespectively of the fare paid.

- If you wish to travel from August 31, 2012 to January 15, 2013, the modification of your booking is possible free of charge at the same fare, according to availability, or by paying the difference with a higher fare.

You may change your reservation online*, through the "Modify your reservations" feature

You can contact our call centers that will remain open on Sunday 23rd to better help you.
if you live in

    France >> special number + -
    Germany >> Tel.: 0180 5 830 830 (EUR 0.14/min. from a German landline, mobile tariffs max EUR 0.42 per minute), open from 09:00 to 17:30
    Italy >> Tel.: 892 057 , open from 09:00 to 17:30
    Switzerland >> Tel.: 0848 747 100 , open from 09:00 to 17:30
    United Kingdom >> Tel.: 0871 66 33 777, open from 09:00 to 17:30
    Norway >> Tel.:+ 47 23 50 20 01, open from 9:00 to 17.30
    Sweden >> Tel.: +46 (0)8 519 990 90, open from 9:00 to 17.30
    Denmark >> Tel.: +45 70 100 767

- If your flight has been cancelled or delayed by more than 5 hours and you prefer to cancel your trip and require a refund, your ticket will be fully refunded, except the service fee. If your ticket was purchased through Air France directly, please fill in the refund form available through the "Modify your reservations / Obtain a refund online" feature.

Will effect flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle, Rome, Germany, Prague, Oslo, Basel, Amsterdam, Milan, Strasbourg.. Will mess up connections from Bordeaux, Calvi, Marseille, Lille. Montpellier Airport flights cancelled already. Unions involved SNPNC-FO-FO, SAPS SOUTH, SNPL, SPAC, CGT and UNAC, Let us know where they bumped you to. Starts Friday midnight ends Monday midnight. 

Contact us!
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