PSA Airlines owned by US Airway's. Flies under the name US Airways Express. Based in Dayton International Airport, Ohio also operates out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Charlotte and North Carolina.
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Why the name PSA ? Long story, Vee Neal Airlines sold to Jetstream International Airlines which sold out to US Air. In order to protect the trademark of Pacific Southwest Airlines, which was once a large carrier on the West Coast that USAir had acquired. 

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28 January 2012 US Airways flight attendants seal a deal 
Charlotte Observer

23 January 2012 Issues still not resolved PSA Airlines U.S Airway's Express flight attendants Marketwatch
PSA Airlines strike, threat  (Subsidiary of US Airways) by flight attendants. Are you traveling to Dayton, Charlotte? Have a plan B.

30 Sept. 2011 Here's some news related, this time pilots told to give up with the go slow

14 September, 2011 PSA Airlines back in the news today. Flight attendants have given the Okay for union the Association of Flight Attendants-Communications  Workers of America to call a strike if management does not come through with a deal. 
A strike is still a long way from happening. Next step is for National Mediation Board to declare both sides as irreconcilable. If that happens they must have a 30 day cooling off period. Only then can flight attendants strike. 
What's that you say? Thanksgiving sounds about right (Now go and wash your mouth out)

3 August 2011 PSA  Airlines/US Airways Express flight attendants no contract since 2009

Association of Flight Attendants Communication Workers of America Council 75

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