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Beirut Airport Strike
Beirut Air Traffic Control Strike Tuesday, 31 March, 2015. Sit in to start 1pm. Your MEA flight likely to be delayed.

Another strike is being planned for April 23 2015 by public workers.
Middle East Airlines
Beirut Airport

Last years strike action 2014
16 June 2014 Announced today another air traffic control strike is planned for this Thursday, 19 June 2014 between the hours of 10 am to Noon local time.
10 June 2014 Today 7 arrivals and 8 departure flights were cancelled and parliament refuse pay raise.

8 June 2014 Issue not resolved for air traffic controllers. Hence one more strike is planned for this Tuesday. 11 am to 1pm local time. Beirut airport will be closed for the two hours. Follow Beirut airport strike
​You should also know French air traffic controllers will strike this month along with SATA Azores, Tunisian airports, Aer Lingus. A lot of travel woes. Follow along with us and stay in touch Easy Travel Report.

Another air traffic control strike is planned for Tuesday, 1 April, 2014 between the hours of 10am to noon. MEA probably will take the brunt of any strike action.
Follow along with us Beirut air traffic control strike
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Middle East Airlines strike, Lebanese airline strike
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Last years industrial actions 2013
​July 4, 2013 MEA pilots strike in solidarity with Beirut air 
traffic controllers for a couple of hours today. No delays reported. Flights to Egypt likely to be cancelled this week due to coup.
19 March 2013, Lebanese air traffic controllers at Beirut airport will strike Thursday, March 21, 10 am to 12 PM. Your flight will be grounded. Follow along with us Beirut Airport Strike 

Past industrial actions
9 April If you are flying in on Middle East Airlines Thursday 19 April 2012 be prepared for a public transportation strike. Taxi's hard to find, traffic jams, leave early if going to Lebanon Airport.
12 December Union leaders call for a general strike and demonstrations on Tuesday, 27 December. Not sure how this will effect Beirut International or MEA. If at all. email us if you know different. dailystar

Middle East Airlines pilot strike. 
4 December 2011 Bitter dispute over for MEA Pilots, back to work today.
3 December 2011 MEA pilots
have been given till Monday to get back to work or be fired.---
1 December, 2011 MEA 180 pilots are still on strike today. Association of Lebanese Pilots will continue to strike even after threats from management that will be fired. Dailystar
29 November 2011 Middle Eastern Airline pilots will strike 10 PM Monday to 10 PM Wednesday. Here's what MEA has to say today, some flights are flying. A 38 year veteran employee, pilot was laid off after sick leave, cancer diagnosis. Flights to Cairo cancelled.
1 October, 2011 Lebanon unions have called for a general strike 
12 October. Airport union employees will join in. May effect Middle Eastern Airlines.

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