LANExpress Chile Planned Strike Santiago Comodoro Airport


June 10, 2016
Dailymail reporting 48 hour strike by airport workers starting Friday night June 10th. John Duey from Globus telling us:-
Operations in the International Ezeiza Airport in BA province remained halted. Airport sources informed that delays and cancellation were expected to continue as long as the walkout lasts. In the Jorge Newbery airport, ATE workers launched the strike at 6.50 am this morning. In Ezeiza, only arrivals were allowed, no departures have been registered so far. Air carriers were recommending their clients to contact the companies before they approach the airport to confirm whether their flight has been delayed or cancelled

Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez Airport

16 January 2016 Guatemala fires air traffic controllers, passengers stranded, call your airline updates

8 April 2014 Lan Express employees have delayed strike by 24 hours. See Easy Travel Report. Not only do you have to deal with this Argentinian air traffic controllers will strike on Thursday.

Last years industrial actions
30 July 2012 LAN Express strike by office and maintenance workers. Some thirty flights have been effected both international and domestic.
Workers state this is and indefinite strike, although some workers went back to work this afternoon. Call them.

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
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Airport Strike 2016
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