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The object of this page is to collect information on LAN airlines, just how reliable are they? Such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record.  Will they strike after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport.

LAN operates out of
Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
Pudahuel Airport
Santiago International Airport
Codeshares with and is in alliance with Oneworld.
  LATAM Airlines Strike 

​is planned for Tuesday, 5 December, 2017. All cities in Brazil will be hit by public transportation strikes. Stay in close contact with your airport and airline. Follow along with us at Easy Travel Report for updates

30 June 2017 General strike today Rio Times

Argentina General Strike
Argentine general strike is planned for Thursday, April 6, 2017, call your airline your flight could be brought forward, delayed or even worse cancelled. All workers on all forms of transportation are expected to be on strike.
Aerolineas already making flight changes.  
Latam has a notice up

Buenos Airports expected to be hit hard by Union CGT workers strike action.
Ministro Pistarini International
Aeroparque Jorge Newbery
Follow along with us at Easy Travel Report

ARGENTINA LATAM and Aerolineas Argentias
Monday, January 9, 2017 Argentina Latam Airline strike by cabin crews today. Association Cabin Crew of Passengers Cabin of Aerocomercial Companies (Atcpea) of Latam Argentina. This caused delays from Buenos Aires airport to/from Jorge Aeroparque Jorge Newbery. Airline carrier not complying with salary agreement from December 2016.  
Airline minister pipped up and insisted union lift strike and negotiate. Which they did. For some reason if you were on a Aerolineas Argentias flight the Argentine Association of Aircraft (AAA) also caused flight cancellations.
All’s calm for now till January 15, 2017 when an agreement is to be signed by all the players involved.

1 February 2016 You should know Lan and TAM possible strike by Brazil’s aeronautic personnel will strike on Wednesday, 3 February, 2016. Between the hours of 6am and 8am. Local Brasila time. Operation in the Guarulhos and Congonhas (Sao Paulo), Santos Dumont and Galeao (Rio de Janeiro), Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Florianopolis, Curitiba, Salvador, Recife, Fortaleza and Campinas airports may be affected.
For updates see www.easytravelreport.com

14 January, 2016 LAN wildcat pilot strike today. El Diario reported today 20 domestic and regional flights were canceled in Buenos Aires by a wildcat LAN pilot strike. Aeroparque Jorge Newbery 10 flights canceled. Strike started 7am and ended mid-day.

14 January 2016 Are you flying to Guatemala? Air traffic controllers have been fired. Passengers stranded, call your airline www.easytravelreport.com

Old strikes for 2015
16 September 2015 Airport strike is over, airlines should be getting back to normal Business Insider

4 April 2015 Strike talks have been pushed back to April 11/12, 2015 Follow along Easy Travel Report

Old strikes
25 August 2014 If you are flying into Argentina on Thursday, beware a general strike will be going on. Domestic flights expected to be delayed.

​4 June 2014 LATAM Peru mechanics union threaten to strike, delay, cancel, standstill, go slow, just in time for the World Cup. The 300 mechanics have not had a pay raise in ten years. They threaten a 48 hour strike this Saturday and Sunday 10, 11 June, 2014.

Lat Airlines is in negotiations with the union and hope to resolve the issue shortly.

Other mechanics over the LATAM network i.e. flights from and to Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador and Argentina will strike in support of the Peruvian workers.

Airline workers were giving out flyers warning passengers of possible disruptions today.

Old industrial actions
Lan Argentina Strike.
8 April 2014 Any flights to Argentina on Thursday will be cancelled due to a general strike. See our front page. Also Lan Express cabin crews threaten strike action. Good luck in your travels, bring a book!

Old industrial actions
11/28/09 Flight attendants of the Chilean airline LAN went on strike for several hours,  demanding  their own union.
Hundreds of passengers were stranded as two international and four domestic flights were cancelled and many more delayed.

12, November, 09 Wildcat strike today at  Aeroparque, Buenos Aires City domestic airport. Problems began at 5:30am, when 5 aviation unions went on strike.

LAN flights were grounded till the evening. Flights that were canceled were those from Buenos Aires to Calafate, Ushuaia, Tucuman, Neuquen, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche and Iguazu, while the rest of the flights were delayed.

LAN provided snacks, exchanged or return their tickets and allowed phone calls in Argentina.

6/18/08  LAN's Chilean traffic surges in May – 16/06/08  themoodiereport.com

New Terminal at the Miami airport  

Ideal for passengers traveling from New Jersey with LAN to Lima, Santiago and Buenos Aires, as well as passengers traveling with LAN Ecuador to Quito and Guayaquil. Our unique shuttle service operates daily from New Jersey’s Paterson Station, Union City Station and Newark Station. Save in excess of $100 in taxi fares by using LAN’s new complimentary shuttle service.  per LAN 04/29/07  Are they still offering this in 08

smh.com.au Near miss, space junk for LAN jet  3/28/07 

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Lan Airlines has codeshare agreements with the following airlines as of November 2007:

    * Aeroméxico
    * Alaska Airlines
    * American Airlines
    * British Airways
    * Iberia
    * Japan Airlines
    * Mexicana de                 Aviación
    * Qantas
    * Korean Air
    * TAM Linhas Aéreas

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