Kuwait Airways strike
K A Strike
                      KAC Kuwait Airways Corporation

Hub Kuwait International Airport
Popular destinations Paris, Rome, London, India, Pakistan, Bahrain, Jeddah, Cairo and Dubai.
Kuwait Airways codeshares with:-
Ethiopian Airlines
Etihad Airways
Saudi Arabian Airlines
Singapore Airlines (Star Alliance)

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Shaky Airline Status

Local Paper KUNA   Kuwait Airport     

October, November several aviation strikes going on that might effect your flight with Kuwait Airways to Europe see Easy Travel Report
Jazeera Airway's bids on Kuwait Airways.
1 July 2014 You should know that Kuwait air traffic controllers have been threatening strike action. No date set - yet. We will be updating.

Old Kuwait news from 2012
23 July 2012 Some planes not up to snuff, don't meet up with security and safety conditions. 5 planes were grounded lately.

9 July 2012 Passengers cancel tickets for safety reasons. Moving this airline over to our "Shaky Airline Status"

24 April 2012 Law being drafted to offer up 35% of debt ridden Kuwait Airways for privatization.

30 March Customs inspectors and others rake in a nice raise brecorder.com

20 March 2012 Kuwait Airway's strike over also strike immigration and customs strikes.

19 March More KA flights canceled, fruit and vegetable prices climb.

18 March Kuwait Airways planes are still grounded today. Supermarket shelves empty due to the customs strike.Trucks stuck at borders abcnews.go.co

17 March Airport working as normal. Sand storm rolled in.

15 March 2012 Kuwait Airway's workers will strike starting 8 PM tomorrow evening. Passengers being transferred to competing airlines, refunded or rescheduled flights. 
Customs and immigration are also on strike, be prepared to wait.
13 March Flying into Kuwait airport maybe a problem today as customs agents are on strike causing delays at airports, ports and borders.

Old Stuff
24 October Update:-Minister of Communications gives in. That's it, strike over and employees get thirty percent raise.
24 October 2011 Kuwait Airways threaten indefinite strike. 
3 flights canceled today Doha, Dubai, and Jeddah. Unions looking for a 30% pay raise. Perfect timing!  Next week thousands of pilgrims come to Mecca and have flights booked. 

Strike will be from 8:00 am until 1:00 PM during all days except Wednesdays and Thursdays it will be from 6:00 PM until 1:00 am. q8nri.com

State airline is due to be sold. At present only Hajj flights carrying pilgrims to Saudi Arabia will be allowed to fly.

11 Oct 2011 Did you know Kuwaiti customs have been on strike lately? Series of strikes have been going on newser.com

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