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20 February 2016 Flybe strike, possible Monday.
Flybe strike, threat from, pilots and flight attendants from 7am Monday morning, 22 February 2016. Talks have been going on since December and pilot’s are on a go slow. This strike could cause problems for your connecting international flight. 
Swedish and Finland routes will be involved.
SAS thinks an agreement will made by Monday
​Hub Arlanda Airport
Swedish Pilots’ Association SPF
Pilot union Swealpa
Global Employer Company (GEC)
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Old industrial actions for 2013
20 October 2013 Airline still hanging on. Norway wishes to sell it's shares in SAS. NorwegianAir threatening strike action. Finnish air traffic controllers strike.
16 October 2012 SAS is broke and has no capital for buying new planes.

12/16/09 check-in staff employed by SAS Ground Services planned to walk out on Dec. 22, Dec. 26 and Jan. 3. 

10, August, 09Deemed in the national interest, Canadian government has backed a loan to SAS in order to ensure that the airline will be able to go through with its purchase of eight aircraft from Quebec based manufacturer Bombardier. Canadian government will assume risk should SAS go under.  Successfully protecting  Bombardier aerospace 30,000 employees. Worlds third largest airline maker.

6/26/08  SAS says to settle U.S. cargo probe for $52 mln  ukreuters.com

6/19/08  Shares in Scandinavian airline operator SAS AB plunged Thursday as the company announced it would abandon plans to sell its Spanish carrier, Spanair iht.com

5/27/08  Airline survey regarding mobile phones timesonlilne

5/8/08   STOCKHOLM, Swedish union threatened late on Wednesday to take its 100 pilots working for SAS out on strike later this month but the Scandinavian airline said the action would probably not affect its flights. Strike from May 18 unless a deal with the employer on a collective wage agreement  reuters

3/11/08  SAS is on trial in Copenhagen for hiring Chinese and Japanese flight attendants without Danish work permits.  The company has been accused of employing 65 Asian flight attendants without Danish work permits since 2005.  The court wants the airline to pay a fine of about $435,000 and an additional $1 million the airline saved by hiring the attendants and paying them sub-standard wages.  SAS said it needed the Asian attendants to attend to the needs of passengers flying between Europe and Asia, insisting that the women were only in Danish air space for the few minutes it took to fly over the small country.  The prosecutor said the trial is important because the airline is partially owned by the government and it should have respected existing labor laws.

3/10/08  160 Million Dollars in Compensation for SAS from Bombardier.  An investigation had found out that SAS had been flying with Dash-8-Q400 planes which had faulty landing gears. In 2007, several SAS planes were forced to conduct emergency landings after the pilots had discovered difficulties with the gears.

SAS’s 27 Dash-planes had to be grounded for weeks until the problem was solved - which caused a huge deficit for the already troubled airline.

Now Bombardier has signed a deal with SAS including compensation payments and 27 new Dash-planes.
3/5/08 All the identification you need to board an airplane is now at your fingertips—literally.
SAS says finds faulty valve in grounded Dash 8 planes 1/24/08 per Reuters

11/3/07 Plane problems hit pocket book

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