25 October JAT has a buyer perhaps, Etihad Airways

30 September 2011 Things looking bad for JAT, no buyers after third attempt to sell it.

8 Nov. 2010 Things are looking up for JAT airways, passenger numbers are up 4%, particularly the route to Montenegro.

23, August, 2010 Airline CEO Srdjan Radovanovic.  Jat finances have drastically improved over the last twelve months. CEO want's more help from the Serbian government. Jat signed an agreement for one new aircraft with Airbus.

2, October, 09  Jat called off strike. Government will pay up on Monday.

29/9/09 Jat Airline Strike, Jat Tehnika workers (900 employees) announced strike to start 5pm today. Jat owes money to the mechanic company, $1.5 million! September 25 was pay day. No planes will leave Belgrade Interntional. Jat Tehnika will still maintain foreign carriers.

9 January, 2009 Company,  RSD 1 billion funds,restructuring,consolidate national airlines, layoffs 600-700, bank offering a medium term plan, due out February, 1st 2009.Workers would be given new jobs. Goal, to make it a name brand again... Jat Tehnika employs 1000 people, 400  mechanics capable of repairing and maintaining European and American types of airplanes.

8/22/08 JAT Airways union announces protest rally by pilots and stewards in Belgrade, want pay raise. 

8/1/08 Aeroflot no luck with Alitalia now interested in a  stake in Serbia’s cash strapped JAT also Iceland.  According to EU regulations an EU airline has to be purchased by an EU company with EU members and EU citizens.

For sale:Get your offer in by October 24, 2008.  Serbia seeks investors for JAT airline. At the end of 07 it was worth 162.6 million euros, debt 247 million euros.  Minimum price is 51 million euros for a 51% share, with a possibility of buying 70% of the airline. The three  things it has going for it is the attractiveness of slots in European airports, worth more than $200 million, properties in London, Milan, Amsterdam and Athens and approx. 1.5 million passengers in 2008.  120 planes flying to 130 destinations.  Last year it flew nine million passengers and income of $3 billion.

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Travel guide for Jat Airline such as staffing issues, pilots, go slow, layoffs, safety concerns, financial health, on time record Will they strike or go bankrupt after I've bought my ticket and leave me stranded at the airport?  Ultimately do they look  reliable and still be in business in three months? Hub, Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Airport.
25 flights a day, 50 percent of all flights at the Belgrade airport. No competition for the Balkans.
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