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Hawaiian Air
Alpa pilot union represents 670 pilots

Update:-27 March 2017 Hawaiian pilots accept new wage deal. 63 month contract worth 42% starts April 1

Update:-Saturday February 11, 2017 Pilot union makes tentative agreement with Hawaiian Airlines, 63 month contract. Pilots’ will vote on this 6 - 24 March, If pilot’s give the thumbs up contract will be good till July 2022

Update:-5 December 2016 Pilots prepare for strike action.
Update:- 1 November 2016 Issue still not resolved.
Update:-21 September, 2016 Strike Operations Center opened.
Update:-27 August 2016 Hawaiian Airlines will open a strike operations center in Honolulu September 14. 2016
Update:-23 July 2016 Pilots still picketing
Update:-25 May 2016 Hawaiian Air pilots picket today at Honolulu airport.
​Hawaiian airlines pilots being balloted over whether or not to ask leadership to take strike action. Ballot closes May 17, 2016 for
​Hawaiian Tribune has some warnings for locals.

14 March 2012 Unions make a tentative deal with flight attendants.
12/18/09 Hawaiian Airlines and the union representing its pilots said Friday they have reached a tentative agreement on a new five-year contract.

Hawaiian Airline pilots strike, threat.
No strike ever by unions in Hawaiian Airlines 80 year old history.

12/12/09  Hawaiian Airline has reached a four agreement with it's 1,200 International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, ie., ramp operators, reservationists and other office staff. Union members still have to give contract the "a ok." Last contract expired in 08. Terms not disclosed.
What about the pilots? Still hammering out a deal.  Things are looking up, not grounded..
Airline offering $288 flights from Portland to Oahu, Maui.

11/18/09 Both sides must complete mediation talks scheduled for the week of Dec. 7. 

10/27/09 Hawaiian Airlines pilots union ALPA formally requesting asking to be released from mediation and issue a Proffer of Arbitration to both parties.  Should the National Mediation Board make a proffer and either ALPA or Hawaiian decline to enter binding arbitration, the two sides would be released from mediation and would enter a 30-day cooling-off period following which the 400 pilots can legally strike. 

9/11/09 Hawaiian pilots give ok, for strike. Federal mediator planned from Oct. 12 Pilots can't walk off the job unless they're released by the mediator.

24 August, 09 Hawaiian Airlines Pilots have scheduled a strike authorization vote, begining tomorrow Tuesday, ending Thursday, Sept. 10. Federal mediator has to declare an impasse after vote. Both sides have to declare an impasse and a 30 day cooling off period.  Thanksgiving travel can just squeeze by.

27 August, 09. On Tuesday demonstrations will take part at interisland terminal of Honolulu International Airport by union members. 

Aug 12, 2009  Hawaiian pilots still negotiating contract after two and half years. No pay raise since 07. Federal mediation meeting in Washington D,C next week if nothing comes from the meeting, ALPA will start proceedings for a strike autorization vote.

Pilots want:-cost-of-living increase, 5 percent increase in the first year, with 4 percent in following years. Additional 2.5 percent increase to pension plan for pilots under 50 years. 

Management offering:-1 percent over four years

8/17/09 Coming soon 12 new Airbus aircraft planes in April, and will lease three more

7/28/09 Posted a $27.5 million profit in the second quarter
of 2009. 

Hawaiian Airlines announced it will add a $15 first-checked-bag fee for all customers flying between the mainland U.S. and the islands. The fee will apply to tickets booked on or after August 1 for flights leaving on or after October 1. The airline will also be adding fees for tickets booked over the phone—$10 for interisland travel and $20 for mainland routes

June 09, Dispute still going on. ALPA’s most recent proposal calls for a 5 percent pay increase in the first year and 4 percent increases in later years.
Hawaiian has offered only 1 percent increases in each year of the contract unless the pilots agree to fly longer hours and agree to other work-rule concessions that would essentially narrow the definition of when a pilot is on the clock. In 05 pilots made concessions in pension agreements to help Hawaiian out of bankruptcy and now feel it's time to pay up. Hawaiian Air pilots received raises from 01-2007 earning an average of $150,000.  Hawaiian Air president and CEO Mark Dunkerley in 08 earned $3.2 million, 42 percent bonus. 
This is the exact same situation that American Airlines pilots are in. See AA according to ETR.

5/09 Hawaiian Airlines 400 pilots back in the news, still no contract with management after two years.  Hawaiian pilots will picket at Honolulu International Airport Monday morning at the inter-island terminal. Services will not be disrupted. Hawaiian Airlines was one of the few airlines that made a profit in 2008. Parties will meet this Tuesday and talks will continue into the summer.  Union wants a deal, will use every tool available to them (go slow?) not excluding a strike.  

Hawaiian Airlines tops the list of flying restaurants, offering a free lunch or dinner in coach on all mainland flights. 

9/17/08 Hawaiian Airlines Pilots Ask For Federal Mediation 
6/15/08  Hawaiian air, possible pilots strike.

6/15/08  Labor Relations Darken at Hawaiian Airlines

5/15/08  Code sharing with United on some routes.
Hawaiian Airlines, April traffic up.
Hawaiian Marks 4th Year as Nation's Most Punctual Airline, 3rd Year at #1 for Baggage Service. 

Fleet overhaul is in jeopardy because of strained relations with its pilots, "proposed acquisition" of six firm A350 XWB-800s and six firm A330-200s,been delayed and may not be consummated as a result of an impasse in negotiations with its pilots union.  Read full article from 1/21/08

Tips on this airline.
Blankets not wrapped.  Coach digiplayers rent @ $15.00.  Coach they sell snacks and only take credit cards.  Bring a sweater!

Animal Quarantine  per Department of Agriculture

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ALPA  represents 405 Hawaiian pilots.

Hawaiian Airlines CEO
Mark Dunkerley

Hawaiian flight attendants a two-year contract.

Contracts to be negotiated are with:-
clerical workers
and dispatchers.

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