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Airport Strike 2018
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2018

6 July 2016 Egyptian pen pushers cancel daylight savings due to start 8 July. Get to your airport early. EgyptAir expect losses of two million dollars!

Strike over
15 May 2016 Egyptair pilot’s get nice pay raise 40% over two years! 22% this July followed by 18% July 2017. Pilot’s have been striking for the last five days causing 40 flight cancellations.

2015 Egyptair EGP loses of 11 billion since holiday makers have abandoned Egypt.

28 May 2015 Small fire today at Egyptair administration office in Cairo Airport.

25 May 2015 Egyptians consider buying Russian jets.

8 May 2015 224 pilots withdraw resignations after Egyptian president re-iterates the precarious situation Egypt finds itself in lately. Economy, Isis, Libya.
"They will be back"

7 May 2015 All flights leave as scheduled today.

6 May 2015 224 Egyptair pilots resign today. Pilot's average day is 14 hours long. Pilot's looking for a 25% pay raise. Salaries have been fixed for nine years. Meetings with management to take place on Saturday 9 May, 2015. This airline has partnered up in recent years with some strike prone airlines. Check with us to see if they are striking Easy Travel Report

Strikes from 2013
June 5, 2013 Head of Aviation will dismiss 15 workers at Cairo International who participated in strike. Another 30 workers stopped from working and are under review for blocking terminal three.
June 4 Strike by customs officers at airports and ports. 120 workers on landing strip for terminal 3. EgyptAir comes into terminal one instead.
Saturday 18 May 2013 EgyptAir delays today in Terminal 3 at Cairo International due to baggage handlers death. Ramp collapsed on employee. Flights have been severely delayed. Update:-Strike over by Sunday.

Old industrial actions from 2012
EgyptAir Strike September 2012
Local paper Daily News

8 September 2012 Update:-Some 150 baggage handlers now causing flight delays. Two hour wait for luggage for incoming passengers.

Saturday 8 September 2012 Crews will meet with Civil Aviation Minister tomorrow. Yesterday's industrial action cost nearly a million euros. Ahramonline reports that management knew several weeks ago that this strike will take place. (We never caught whiff of any industrial action) Some passengers slept in the terminal last night. They ended up taking passengers air seats who were due to fly out today. Egyptair rents planes and hires other flight crews.

Friday 7 September 2012 Egyptair crews on a wildcat strike today that will last twelve hours and started at dawn 4 am. Later they cut short strike action and agree to not strike for 48 hours. 

Airline crews looking for better work conditions. List of 20 demands.

Strike effects international flights only, domestic flights leaving as planned. Hundreds of passengers stranded at Cairo airport. 40 of the 60 international flights are canceled.

Lufthansa airlines flight attendants are also today for 24 hours today.

Egyptair codeshares with them, flights delayed for 
12 hours.

31 January 2012 Egyptian tourism down 32%. Compared to last year. Airline profits plunge. Arab Spring effect.

So last year

October 2011 Egyptian air traffic controllers strike.

8 September 2010 Thursday, today ground handlers are back to work after agreeing with management to form a committee.

7 September 2012 Egypt EgyptAir strike today by ground handlers at Cairo International Airport, expect delays with your travel plans.


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                                 EgyptAir Strike

We can't but help but notice - September is strike season!

EgyptAir based out of Cairo International Airport Egypt. 
Star Alliance member. This airline takes longer than most to turn around after a strike. 12 hour strike can take 48 hours to clear back up flights.

​2015 Egyptair EGP loses of 11 billion since holiday makers have abandoned Egypt.

In 2014 Airline had losses of 10 billion Egyptian pounds. Codeshares with Air Canada, United Airlines, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa

Egyptair Strike