Air Tahiti Nui Strike at Tahiti Int. Airport
French Polynesia Strike
Bora Bora Strike

Peak travel season June. Air Tahiti passengers will get stuck on the outer islands making it difficult to catch your International flight from Papeete to Japan, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Air Tahiti Central (86 42 42)
Tahiti airport at 86 60 61 
Local paper Tahiti Info's  

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
What's your airport up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2018        

French Polynesia Air Tahiti 
Papeete Airport - Fa’a’a International Airport 
Air Tahiti 

​1 March, 2018 You should be aware that a general strike is on the books for Tuesday 6 March, 2018. Your flight is likely to be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Stay in contact with them follow along on our front page 
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​Last years strike 2017
Update:-25 May 2017 Domestic flights back to normal, International flights delayed. You can see life's not perfect yet

Update:-24 May 2017 Strike is still on, firemen threats of jail time Radio NZ

Airport Firemen Strike 00:01 hrs Monday 15 May 2017. Modified schedule.
Air Tahiti 40 86 42 42

Other airlines that will likely be affected by firemen strike Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Tahiti Nui, Aircalin, 
Hawaiian Airlines, Latam Chile

Last years strike action that we caught in 2016
6 June 2016 Air Tahiti Nui strike is over. French air traffic control strike is over
Air France pilot strike is still on as with flight attendants strike planned for July 27 - 
August 2 Air France flight crew strikes

French Air Traffic Control Strike
23 May 2016 Here's the latest from RNZ
15 May 2016 Flights from and to Charles de Gaulle airport will likely be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic control strike.
French air traffic controllers will strike on Thursday May 19, 2016. (and perhaps 26 May?) If strike goes ahead airlines will be asked to cut back flights to and from France. Stay in close contact with your airline. Air France will take brunt of strike action. French national rail company SNCF is also striking.
French taxi drivers are threatening to join in.
Please see for updates and French air traffic controllers strike (and May 26th?)
Our Air France Strike page.
If you are changing flights in France and have a long lay over in a French international arrivals lounge. Get a French visa as you will be sleeping on a cot in the lounge while other passengers sleep in a comfortable hotel bed with private bathroom. March 2016 saw 140 passengers sleeping on the floor at Orly Airport.
Expect knock-on effect.
      French Polynesia - Air Tahiti
May 18, 2016 Update:-Air Tahiti pilots and air crews threaten to join in strike with baggage handlers  RNZI

May 9, 2016 A general strike has been averted but Air Tahiti have issued strike notice. No times or date given. UPDATE:-MONDAY 16 MAY TODAYS CANCELATIONS SEE INFO TAHITI

Strikes from 2013
July 11, 2013 Tahiti Airpor strike flights being moved around. Air France, Air Newzealand and Air Tahiti Nui.
9 November 2012 Deal made between PNC cabin crew union and Air France management.
3 November Union boss jailed RNZI
12 August 2012 Sunday, flights still not back to normal today. Call the airport for information. Monday flights to LA from Papeete will leave although delayed. How can this airline sustain these losses? Now we hear Papeete airport is to strike on Wednesday 15 August, this includes firemen. If so airport will close for obvious reasons causing some flights to be bought forward.

11 August Air Tahiti cabin crew strike is over, flights getting back to normal.

10 August 2012 Charter flights to clear backlog. LA flights cancelled two days in a row. See Radio NZ If you have any information pass it on email us.

7 August 2012 Talks this week-end failed, LA flights have been brought up by half and hour. Call them or contact them via website, they may have been trying to get in touch with you. Lack of details on how the strike would take place complicates airline's task.

2 August 2012 Air Tahiti Nui issues still not resolved flight attendants to strike by midnight, 6 August if issues not resolved.

13 July A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the management and part(?) of cabin crew.

11 July Air Tahit Nui flight crew strike, flight changes are in from local paper
20 June 2012 News out today is Air Tahiti workers, pilots and cabin crew will strike Monday, June 25 at 00h if no deal is made with management. Tahiti airport strike is still going on.

16 June 2012 Airport strike still going on. Unions have not settled.

Air Tahiti strike 14 June 2012. Strike is by Inter-union, airport employees.  
Flight to Los Angeles 
rescheduled. Also effecting Air France flight to Paris see website

Old Stuff, so 2011
In 2011 Ailine has a loss of 100 million euros.

13 July AIR TAHITI NUI 24 hour strike today. 
11 July Another strike coming up on the 13 July. Call them.
30 June Tahiti Air strike over.

29 June Tahiti Air strike is still going on. Company rents jet from New Zealand

27 June 2011 Tahiti Air Nui strike starting tonight at 8pm. Papeete to Los Angeles service bought up earlier. Strike is by pilots in response to management disciplinary procedures. Two pilots got in a brawl with an American Airline employee. Sounds like a joke

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Air Tahiti Nui Strike