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               Air Malta Strike

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Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2018
Airport Strike?

July 2016 Airline bleeding money, 500,000 euros daily. 

                Air Malta Strikes

17 March 2018 Are your flying into Gatwick airport? Pay attention firemen and airport security threaten strike action see Easy Travel Report
​for this and the French air traffic control strike planned for March 22, 2018

17 January, 2018 No surprise pilots threaten strike action again. Only workers who have not sealed a deal with management. You'd best have a plan B. 

31 July 2017 Another year goes by and Air Malta pilot's issues still up in the air without a contract.
We fear this airline could go down in the next 18 months. 
Pilot's reject managements recent offer of 5%.
Air Malta pilot's receive 26 days paid vacation per year, 38 hours off after flying. Consequently flying a total of 56 hours per month. Well below the European average. Management looking to up that to 75 hours. Basic pilots pay 48 thousand euros. Pilots want that up to 92,000 see Malta Today article (Strikes highly unlikely, other Air Malta workers would suffer badly)

​Last year 2016 talks
4 August 2016 Airline fails to get an injunction against Air Malta pilot's striking. You better have a plan B.
Pilot's looking for a 30% pay raise!

8 July 2016 Airline bleeding money, 500,000 euros daily. Alitalia looking to buy it. Do yourself a favour, do not book with this airline till deals and union contracts signed, sealed and delivered. Competitors Ryanair, British Airways, Condor, Lufthansa and EasyJet.

7 January 2016 Pending issues over work conditions with Air Malta workers. Workers threaten strike action. No date set.

Air Malta
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Old strike information
February 2014 Air Malta starts codeshare plan with Air France. Is Air France on strike?
Last year 2013 industrial actions
September 17, 2013 Air Malta pilots on a go slow. 18 pilots call in sick, causing 3 flights to be cancelled and 3 flights delayed. Several delays at Malta International Airport 

May 19, 2013 Air Malta baggage handlers, ground handling services get more powerful. Turkish Airlines, Monarch Airlines and Air Baltic have chosen them to facilitate air needs. 

Last years industrial actions
27 August 2012 Air Malta Pilots have a wage agreement. Good for the next four years.

Air Malta pilots union call last CEO "Primary disease of the company"

29 June 2012 Air Malta gets a bail out, critics state just a bandaid and in two years another company will buy the airline out at bargain prices timesofmalta  
Old Stuff
16 July 2012 Air Malta pilots called off the strike that was planned to start today.
12 July Air Malta may go under timesofmalta.com
Air Malta pilots threaten strike 16 July timesofmalta.com

Air Malta management want to cut fleet down to eight planes independent.com.mt

2010-2011 Company occurs $88 million dollar loss.

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Air Malta Strike