Traveling with kids?

Finally a technology we can use.

Are you going to visit family abroad or across the country this holiday?  If so look into buying this GPS product it can help.

I did a fare amount of traveling with my four kids when they were young. I still remember the sinking feeling of screaming the name of one of my kids in the streets of New York City at rush hour. Some how the four year old had got swept up in one of those large groups of people crossing a New York street even though we were several adults. Luckily he was in a lime green glow in the dark coat. I still remember New Yorkers stopping to help. How grateful was I.
Another time in Disney World, Orlando. Florida, kids and parents every where at an attraction for little kids. I remember my husband and I had to split up and guard both exits.

Then again in SeaWorld Orlando, a wonderful extremely crowded park with my 5 year old who just took of running into a crowd of people, myself seven months pregnant. Luckily he found us, even so he was out of our sight for a few precious minutes. How convenient it would have been to of had this GPS locator. This GPS locator is accurate up to ten feet and will inform you if it's removed. Works indoor and out, you will always know where your kids are.

This watch is not fool proof of course, but it sure can help. Beats taking the kids down to the vet and having a microchip put in them like the dog.

Now they are in their teens and all we have to worry about is drunk driving, college financing and drugs. Perhaps I should get one for my teenage son after all!

One day I hope to be a grandma and my grand kids will have this GPS locator, after all I love Six Flags. Next thing you know my son will be putting one on me!

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