Strikes, tragedies, no more early retirement for pilots Air France 2008 - 2009

12/20/09 Weather disruptions of French domestic flight programme and European flight programme are expected at Paris-Orly and at Paris-Charle de Gaulle airports.
However, Air France plans to operate all its long-haul flights at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

October,7, 2009 Protests and General strike France 

8/14/09 Kenya Airways has been having industrial action Kenya Airways strike

7/9/09 Air France may impose temporary lay-offs or part-time working as it faces a continued slump in traffic. Not a word on the Internet about the pilot strike threat during the summer. We have emailed union and Air France, no reply from both....

***Alert:-5/22/09 Air France pilots union SNPL will protest over union rules, has filed a notice for a national strike on each of the weekends from July 10 to August 3, 2009

Heads up, France strike, Tuesday, May 26 and Saturday, June 13, 2009 French General strike nationwide. Change travel plans to earlier rather than later. 8 unions participating. 
13 June, 09 Train union was to join strike, train travel across country normal today. Air France only one cancellation in am. Protests nationwide, low turn out,

(Air France pilots battled for 15 minutes to save doomed flight AF 447 .telegraph.co.uk

20 June, 09 Air France chief executive Phillipe Gourgeon told RTL radio that the airline plans to make an advance of about C17,500 ($24,400) for each of the 228 victims, with no strings attached.

3 June, 09 Intertropical Convergence Zone, a clash of weather systems stretching around the Earth's midsection. It's been compared to a slithering snake that runs several hundred miles wide and towers up to 60,000 feet. And its latest victim may have been Air France Flight 447

2 June 09 Plane found.cbc.ca

1 June 09 Air France passenger jet missing. Brazil to Paris, 228 passengers. 

Woman dies in car crash days after missing doomed Air France flight. cbc.ca

Two passengers on doomed Air France jet cleared of links to Islamic terrorism. Dailymail.co.uk)

5/09 Air France/KLM Group announced a net operating loss of 814€ million for 2007/2008. The Group plans to reduce its payroll by around 3000.

2 May 09 Air France, Swine flu, baggage handlers refusing to unload planes from Mexico, causing delays and chaos. Involved 1,000 passengers from Cancun and around a dozen flights from Spain. An Air France crew and several individual flight attendants have refused to board flights to Mexico since the outbreak of the swine flu crisis.  

France General strike, nationwide, Friday, 1 May, 2009 

3/20/09 After the dust settled. CDG, international and domestic flights departed on time. Other airports across the country were hit badly.  

Here we go again!
8 Unions call for general strike "les grèves," (the French word for strikes) again on 19 March, 2009

Due to the cancellation of TGV express trains on 19 March 2009, Air France has arranged bus service to operate between Brussels-Midi train station and Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, in both directions.

These busses are exclusively reserved to clients holding a reservation and an
Air France ticket on one of the cancelled TGV trains on 19 March 2009.

For more information on bus schedule, passengers concerned are kindly requested to contact Air France at nr 070 / 22 24 66 or their travel agent.

Air France sincerely regrets this situation and will do its utmost to inform and reroute all its customers.

Check Air France web site, they have a fantastic sale going on. $149 one way to Europe!

16 February, 2009 Air France-KLM cancels deliveries of planes 6 airbus, Boeing 777-300 passenger planes and its first 777 freighter, by two to three years.

13 February, 09 AF to slash 2,000 jobs.

Last time
1/29/09 Not so black. Gridlock in cities. For today's long haul flights to NY, 3 canceled this morning. Seems like they are flying. All but 3 lines of Metro working. Buses and trains as normal. Suburban trains lines into and around Paris were badly hit. 
The national state-owned railway SNCF said traffic was normal on trains from Paris to other European capitals such as London and Zurich. It said the national high-speed TGV trains were running normally in eastern France, with traffic at 50 percent to 80 percent of normal levels in other parts of the country. 

1/27/09 Under French law, 30% of french flights have to be guaranteed..Nothing on Air France web site. Yet.

1/16/09 Air France strike, employees 4,500 pilots, general transportation strike country wide, Black Thursday, expect arrival and departure delays on 29 January 2009, expect severe disruptions country wide on all forms of transportation, 8 Unions involved.1/15/09 Air France, strike 29 January, 2009 to coincide with industrial action planned throughout France. 8 unions have agreed to join the strike. Job security the issue. Expect delays to and from airports and long hauls. Trains and buses limited or none at all.11/30/08 Air France KLM has no immediate plans to reduce fuel surcharge,

17 Tues Back to normal today and they will retire at 65. Strike cost Air France 100 million euros ($126m). French trains are striking on Friday!

16 Sunday, Only thing to add, French trains have added more cars.
 Pilot strike due to end on Monday at midnight.  

Spain has had Air France has canceled 20 out of its 46 flights scheduled for Spain today, affecting routes between Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Paris and Lyon.

15 Nov 08 Air France second day pilots strike. 30-35% long hauls canceled.United States were hardest hit. Flights to Chicago, Detroit, Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle were all canceled. Overnight the SNPL pilots union said it would be consulting members at midday Saturday over the government's latest offer and could call off the strike, which is planned to last until midnight Monday. AP

The pilots called their strike to protest new rules that would end the current requirement for them to retire at 60, forcing them to work until the age of 65. But the government has since offered to amend the reform so pilots would still be able to retire at 60 if they wished. 

11/3/08 Air France, Expect serious disruptions. France, Paris Air France-KLM delayed strike from this Tuesday to December 5-9. 8 Unions, cabin crews and French Pilots Union,a four day strike for all French carriers. From Nov 14 , expect half of long haul flights to be canceled. Starts at midnight (2300 GMT Thursday) and end Monday at midnight (2300 GMT), It may go on longer, if flight attendants join in after Monday.See Air France web site

8 Unions, cabin crews and French Pilots Union,a four day strike for all French carriers. From Nov 14. Flight departures are non existent.

10/31/08 Air France strike, French Pilots To Strike Over Retirement Age Proposal Friday for a four-day strike across all French air carriers from Nov. 14 The SNPL union called for the walkout a day after eight unions at Air France-KLM (3112.FR) announced a five-day strike from Nov. 4-8 by pilots and attendants, which was backed Friday by another pilots' union at Air France, Alter.

10/5/08 AF looks to becoming the preferred European carrier for Indians, says the airline’s Senior Vice-President of International and The Netherlands Division, Jean-Louis Pinson. hindu.com

3 July 08 American airline Continental and five individuals are to stand trial in France on manslaughter charges over the crash of an Air France Concorde near Paris in 2000.abc.net.au

Nov 08 Air France has found themselves loosing 100 mln Euro's per day due to the 8 Unions now on strike. Will be followed by more flight disruptions Dec 5-9 as flight attendants have also been told their retirement age has gone from 60-65 years of age. One minute you see yourself sitting on the beach with a mixed drink at 60 years and one day. Only to be told, sorry! Cocktail has to wait till you turn 65.  

11/17/08 The French Senate approved the measure by a vote of 200 to 139 in a late night session to raise the pilot retirement age to 65. When Air France, strike, these airports get effected Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport for Beirut, Belgrade, Bologna, Copenhagen and Zagreb as well as the French cities of Lyon, Nantes, Nice and Toulouse. Longhaul flights to US cities, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle Visa versa.

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