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1 April Update:-Judge sides with company. Allegiant has not cancelled any flights. You can change your flight free of charge if you prefer. Pilots, stand down cancel strike threat.

1 April 2015 After two and half years of negotiations not going anywhere, 500 Allegiant pilots choose strike action. Knee jerk reaction to announcement by Allegiant suing pilot union. Does this union have deep pockets?

Strike is to start tomorrow 3 a.m Thursday morning, 2 April 2015.

Pilot union - Ohio - Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224

250 flights to be grounded that's 33,000 passengers you will be competing with.

Allegiant management in court trying to get strike deemed illegal.

Low cost popular airline is based in Las Vegas and has a significant fan following. You just can’t beat it’s prices.

I have doubt that this airline can organize it’s staff to give the heads up to it’s thousands of passengers who are traveling this week in time. Does management have the smarts to organize mass re-routing of thousands of passengers on competing airlines? 

If you are flying Thursday, stay in touch with them over Facebook, SMS, phone etc.

Make sure you have room on your credit card for added expenses. You could very well end up paying for another flight with another airline for convenience and you know that’'s going to hurt…. See which other airline goes to your destination from your airport, be ready.

Spirit Airlines and Virgin might put on extra flights/seats if strike lingers on. They will be watched for price gouging.

Do you really have to bring luggage?

Over seeing negotiations is National mediation Board. They have asked all parties back to the negotiation table April 29 - May 1st.

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Allegiant Air Pilot Strike
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