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Portuguese air strike Friday 18 May 2012

The Workers Union Aviation and Airports (SITAVA) submitted a notice to strike on May 18 which covers a number  sector enterprises, except Groundforce, to contest the failure of the Company Agreements.

According to the notice, which had access to Lusa, the strike covers all establishments in the NAV Portugal, the ANA Group, ANAM - Madeira Airport, the Portway, the TAP group, the shops, the UCS - Integrated Health Care, the PGA, the Megassis (company computer engineering group TAP), SATA Açores, SATA Internacional and SATA Airfield Management.

Workers of the ground handling company ('handling') Groundforce are not covered by prior notice to strike, because unions and the company recently signed an agreement on the Company Agreement that "is being met," explained the Lusa Joseph Simon, the SITAVA.

The SITAVA moved to strike "against non-fulfillment of agreements and the dispossession of Company income, including the holiday pay and Christmas bonus, extra work, annuities / seniority."

The union also challenges the privatization of TAP and ANA, stating that, if implemented, will result in "the direct loss of revenue to state coffers and the extinction of hundreds or even thousands of jobs."

The strike will cover 24:00 on 18 May, and the periods between 20:30 and 24:00 on the 17th and midnight and 03:00 on the 19th for workers who begin or end the their working hours in these two periods.

The minimum services cover three flights (round trip): Lisbon / Terceira / Lisbon, operated by TAP, Lisbon / Ponta Delgada / Lisbon, operated by SATA International, and Lisbon / Funchal / Lisbon, operated by TAP.

The strike announced by SITAVA will coincide with the five-day strike by workers of the NAV, which will stop at three periods of two hours per shift (07:00 to 09:00, 14:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 23:00 hours of the continent and Madeira). 
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