December, 7, 2013 French public service workers strike from 6 pm Sunday, December 8, 2013 to 5 am Saturday 14th December. Brest and Bordeaux will not be involved in strike action. Brest possible delays Monday night. Toulouse Tuesday evening, Wednesday and Thursday possible problems.
See Easy Travel Report for updates. Delays are expected to be low if any.
Old industrial actions
October 14, 2013 French civil servants strike starting Monday evening 17:00 UTC October 14, 2013. French air traffic controllers will strike and it's up to which controllers show up for work. Tuesday possible minimum service in effect. Controllers strike will end 04:00 Wednesday morning. Flights from and to southern France, Marseille, Bordeaux, Brest and Reims.
If flying with Air France, call and confirm.
DGAC has not asked airlines to cut back flights.

Last industrial action
October 10 Stike in full force today. Southern France airports hit the worst. This is where Single Skies cuts will effect the most. Flights not likely to be back to normal till Friday afternoon. Portuguese air traffic controllers also joining in. Flights affected in Germany, Belgium etc. Some French trains on strike today SNCF. Have you seen NOP site?

September 20, 2013 Regarding Pan-European air traffic controllers strike. We do not know if French air traffic controllers will join in with this strike, yet. We do not know if it will be a rolling strike or 24 hour. More to be announced next week.

September 13, 2013 More air traffic control strikes coming up in October Front Page

​September, 10 2013 French Transportation strike today. Strikes will end by 6 am tomorrow. Follow along on our front page. Lots of delays at CDG today
PS Another Pan-European air traffic control strike is planned for October 10.

Old industrial actions
France -
June 12, 2013 What a mess, never have seen it this bad. Good news, strike is now to end Thursday 6am. (despicable play by unions)
Still the airlines had planned for Friday 6am strike and canceled accordingly. It will take a while for flights to get back to normal. Call your airline if flying on Friday.
French train strike going on in Unisom.
  French aviation strike
For sure this is going to mess up your day. 
Might start (more information to be released by unions)
04:30 UTC Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Thursday, June 13, 2013
ending Friday June 14, 2013 ending 04:30 UTC

DGCA has asked all airlines to cut back flights this week by 50%. Call your airline, last thing you need is to be sleeping at the airport. All French airports to be hit.

We have learned it will not just be French atc workers but Hungry, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria and Belgium. UK and Ireland will not be involved, certainly flights to these countries will be delayed See European Air traffic control strike
Minimal service will be in effect DSNA

These are the unions causing trouble
European Transport Workers Federation 

Earlier this years industrial action, this last one was a flop.
French Air Traffic Controllers Strike March 5, 2013

French union CGT calling for a day of action.
  Transport Strike

March 3 Update for you:- Minimal service guaranteed only, at all French airports. Starting 6 PM night before Monday till Wednesday 6 AM.
Paris Charles de gaulle
Paris Orly
EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg – Mulhouse, France / Basel, Switzerland 
Strasbourg Entzheim Airport – Strasbourg
Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (formerly Satolas Airport) – Lyon
Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport
Nice cote d'Azur
Bastia Poretta Airport – Bastia
Calvi Sainte-Catherine Airport – Calvi
Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro Airport – Ajaccio
Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport – Bordeaux
Poitiers – Biard Airport – Poitiers
Limoges – Bellegarde Airport – Limoges
Deauville Saint-Gatien Airport – Deauville
Pau Pyrenees

February 26 Air traffic controllers strike Tuesday, March 5, minimal service will be in effect, more news to be released closer to date. Chances are flights Monday evening could see delayed or cancelled flights. Flights should be back to normal by noon Wednesday. (We'll see, now we've jinxed it)
February 12:- Two unions CGT and Force have called for a strike on Tuesday, March 5. Will effect air travel, urban transport, roads, highways, cleaners and taxis. Other unions may join in. We will be updating as the news comes in. (Same week as planned Iberia Airline strike also effects Iberia Express, Air Nostrum)

French strike January 31
Tuesday, January 29, 5 Million civil servants will strike, 3 major unions involved. (mainly teachers)
French air traffic controllers are included. They will strike starting (approximately) Wednesday (tomorrow) night 1800 UTC till Friday, 0600 UTC. Nothing really set yet. No official airport announcements etc. Keep an eye on your airline. Maybe, random times at different airports. By law minimal service will be guaranteed and who shows up for work at your airport. Brest Airport expected to be hit worst, Air France, Flybe and Ryanair. What's going on in Lille Airport January 30, 2013 French air traffic controllers strike starting this evening till 0500 UTC Friday February 1.
We will be following along here

Last years industrial action 
November 10, 2012 Are you aware of the 
Pan - European union strike, November 14, 14N? We will be updating and check European Day of Action  
Marseille Airport to be hit on the 15 and 16th. Ripple effect world wide.
November 1 French ATC strike last week was painless, only a few delays. Minimal effect on air transport.

19 October 2012 CFMU is reporting that French air traffic controllers will strike next week.
The strike will take place between:
1730 UTC Monday 22/10/12 
Tuesday 10-1300
0430 UTC Wednesday 24/10/12.
Marseille departures Nantes Lyon Departures
Be aware Lyon Airport has a notice up about train travel to and from the French airport by coach.
Old Stuff
Lille air traffic controllers to strike Thursday 22 March 2012 starting 6 AM ending Friday 7 AM 23 March. 
27 February 2012 European day of action Wednesday 
29 February. May effect some French airports see here

So last year
6 October 2011 Back again, More information to come. Only a warning for now. 
French air traffic control strike (warning for now)
for Tuesday 11 October. May start 5pm utc Monday untill 12 October 0400 UTC. Minimal service will be guaranteed. More information to follow.

French general strike, Thursday, 27, May, 2010 strikes and protests. Strikes may start 26-28 May. Milan, London and Brussels, high speed trains will run near normal. Air traffic controllers asking airlines to cut flights by 30% at Orly and 10% Charles de Gaulle. Air France long hauls as normal.

22, February, 2010 French air traffic controllers strike, starting Tuesday, 22, February, 2010 till Friday, 26, February, 2010. Expect severe delays over French air space. Flight disruptions our of Paris' Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports.
French civil aviation authority DGAC have not a clue yet how traffic will be effected.  

Last time:-left up, so you can see what went on.

Orly/CDG Airport delays
12, Jan. France, civil aviation authority is asking airlines to cut their Paris traffic by up to 50 percent on Wednesday from 7 am to 11 am because of snow and icy weather. After 11am, 15 percent of flights will be cancelled. 

Air France long hauls will run as usual.
Air France website link

Traffic at Orly will be cut in half. Air France will cut half of European flights out of Orly.

Air France will cancel 75 percent of European flights at Charles de Gaulle. 

A strike by air traffic controllers is also planned for Wednesday and Thursday. The DGAC civil aviation authority recommends that travelers contact their airlines to get flight information.

1/12/10 The DGAC said Tuesday it has asked companies to cancel 30 to 50 percent of flights Wednesday at Charles de Gaulle, the larger of Paris' two airports. It asked airlines to cut traffic at Orly airport by 50 percent.

1/10/10 French air traffic controllers strike, Wednesday morning, 13, Jan and Thursday 14, Jan. till Friday 15, morning. Flights crossing the Channel, or passing over French airspace, could be subject to delays or cancellations.

Lille Airport Strike  
Brest Bretagne Airport strike.
Air France flight status
Strike action in France :Thayls
French Weather
You can check your local train service disruptions at
freephone number available to travelers (0 800 15 11 11).

Wow, French air traffic control strikes, that we caught from Jan 10, 2010 to December 2013
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French Air Traffic Control Strikes From 2010 - 2013