​        Barcelona Taxi Strike, Spain

​Spanish Taxi Strike

Barcelona Taxi Strike

Friday 3 August Taxi strike had spread to other cities and has now ended on the 1st August
see The Star 

Update:-26 July, 2018 Taxi strike extended for a day My San Antonio

​Update:-11 July 2017 Change of plans for Barcelona taxi strike. Strike will now take place earlier than expected.
Thursday 27 July 2017 instead of the 29th as previously planned. Strike will last for 24 hours. 
The plan is a “slow march” which will collapse the infrastructure around the airport and port.

March will concentrate around Prat Airport, Metropolitan area, Ministry of Works Fomento and Port of Barcelona. Going to be a really bad travel day. Check our front page for strike updates for this and other strikes going on in Spanish airports

Two more taxi driver protests are planned Saturday, July 29th and Monday the 31st of July and from then on an indefinite strike is planned. Strike will be nationwide, so make travel plans accordingly. Will check on this for you.

30 May 2017 Barcelona taxi drivers will drive to Madrid tomorrow, all three thousand of them. Drivers who are left at home will pick up emergencies only. 
No taxi's will be at Barcelona El Prat Airport.

26 April, 2017 You've landed into a taxi strike today. It will be over around 2pm in 
​You maybe flying into another Spanish city.
Expect demonstrations to last longer than stated.

Valencia till? 
Santander till? 
Sevilla 10:00 -  3pm
A Coruna 10:30 - 1:30pm
Malaga 11am - 1pm
Madrid till 1pm
Abiza till 3pm
Sevilla 10 - 3pm

​Barcelona Taxi Strike and Madrid strike13 March 2017 Barcelona taxi strike
12 hours, this Thursday, 16 March 2017.

Strike to start 8am and end at 8pm. Spanish taxi drivers Grand march starts 10am, Arc de Triomphe then Parliament and Plaza Sant Jaume.

This is going to be bad if you are traveling to and from the airport. Somehow you know you will get caught up in it.  Be prepared, Spanish drivers likely blocking the roads to and from the airport and you may have to hoof it with your suitcase. 

Railway stations blocked. Traffic jams.
Massive demonstrations are to take place.
Madrid taxi strike, same day, for two hours starting at 11am. Drivers will demonstrate between Plaza de Colon to Cibeles - City Hall.

See who else is on strike and going to ruin your holiday!
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Barcelona Taxi Strike