Air France Strike 2018
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             French  Air Traffic Control Strikes

Here we go for 2018. Air France airline and airport workers under the hammer this year. Chances are this will likely effect your flight this year. Workers by law must give management 48 hours notice of any strike action.

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Air France 
French Airports (ADP )
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Air France
​French air traffic control strikes?
French air traffic control union SINCTA
Pilot Unions Alter and SPAF
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  Air France Strikes 2018
​See for this and other travel strikes such as French air traffic controllers!
​Your flight must have by law one flight attendant for every 50 passengers

​Air France Strike
22 June, 2018 Yes, Air France pilot's are still striking this week-end and it's a minor pilot union. Air France state, you wont't notice it. You will have more delays due to the latest French air traffic control strike.

Friday 15 June, 2018 French air traffic control strike is planned this week-end.

Update:11June, 2018 Air France proposal due 14 June, to Air France board.

Update:-9 June, 2018 Issue still not resolved, Air France strike is now planned for Saturday 23 June till Wednesday 27 June, 2018.  Reminder French railway will be striking that week. Call Air France ASAP take whatever they offer you. Pay attention as French air traffic control may go on strike the same time. F1 week-end. 
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Marseille Airport Strikes
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Air France pilot's and ground crews strike Friday, 23 March, 2018, day before the French air traffic controllers will strike follow along Easy Travel Report More strike dates on the books, 30 March, 3rd and 7th of April, 2018.

Last year 2017 strike actions
French Air Traffic Controllers will strike starting Monday, 9 October, 2017 evening, not ending till Wednesday morning 11th October. Your flight will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Call your airline, be prepared to wait.
Follow along with us


Air France Flight Attendants Strike
Unions SNPNC-FO and Unsa-PNC perhaps 46% of AF flight staff.
Strikes to start 18th March 20 March, 2017

Air France Strike
Update:-Saturday, 25 February, 2017 Wage negotiations to take place next month between Air France management and unions on Tuesday, March 7 and Friday, 10th, 2017. Union CGT calls all Air France CGT union members to strike on March 7, 2016.
Union upset about the 67% bonuses for executives. (Which has been revised)
National civil Servants will strike also on the 7th of March, 2017.
Not air traffic controllers that we know - yet.
Give them 24 hours ie 5th/6th to give strike notice, if at all. 

Old strikes from 2016 that we caught.
Air France Strike
Air France Flight Attendant Strike 
Air France Cabin Crew Strike
Update:- 28 July 2016 Little less flights will leave today and tomorrow. 20,000 passengers grounded yesterday and a new help desk was opened in Roissy. 

Update:-26 July 2016 Air France announcement today. Reminder HOP, KLM and Delta are not effected by any strike action. 
For Wednesday July 27, 2016 they state - We plan to operate more than 90% of our long haul flights, 90% of our domestic flights, and more than 80% of our medium-haul flight to and from Paris - CDG. As strikes go with only two of the three flight attendant unions striking. Flight delays and cancellations are really minimal. Stay in touch with them.

Air France Flight Attendant Strike
Recent meetings were pointless.
Crews - flight attendants to strike from Wednesday 00:01 July 27 - Tuesday 2, August 2016 23:59 hrs Air France has a notice up
​Aigle Azur
Tuesday July 26 Pilot’s for Aigle Azur will strike Thursday July 28 to Thursday August 4th. Last strike in May was cancelled and no agreement since then has been made. 
Another strike is planned for
Saturday 27 August 2016 to Saturday September 3, 2016
Call airline 0810797997
Aigle Azur
Second largest airline in France. 300 flights a week.
Based in Orly Airport. Popular routes Algeria, France, Portugal, Switzerland.

French General Strike
July 15, 2016 New nationwide French general strike is being planned for Thursday, September 15, 2016. You will be inconvenienced in some shape or form. 
Expect taxi, public transportation - trains, (perhaps international trains) metro, buses and maritime workers - ferries to strike along with airline and airport workers. Minimal services will be in effect. You will still be able to get around just don't expect to be on time. Expect traffic jams in Paris, Lyon. 
Regarding flights:-
Air France always takes the brunt of any strike action. Prepare for the worst, your airport exit may be blocked by taxi’s. If so, you will have to "hoof it" with your luggage, children, elderly. 
Will French air traffic controllers join in? Unfortunately this information will not be available till closer to the date. It’s customary for air traffic controllers to give 48 hours notice before any industrial action. They might ask airlines to cut back flights to and from France by 10 - 30% or not at all. For updates

Air France
Air France Strike
9 July 2016 Air France check in staff and boarding staff at Charles de Gaulle Airport and threaten to strike every Saturday throughout the summer.
Air France management state no flights were delayed today. Union involved FO - 400 members. Union will meet next week to decide next industrial action.
Air France flight attendants - strike notice is still on for the end of this month

Air France Pilot Strike
14 May 2016 Saturday A strike is coming. Internet rumors a strike will involve 6 days in June. What is in is air traffic control strikes You need to see our front page, taxi, rail strikes you name it

Sunday May 8, 2016 Air France pilot unions SNPL and SPAF threaten strike action starting Wednesday June 1, 2016 over wage cuts. 

French air traffic control issues have not been resolved follow along with us, it's going to be a hell of a ride
French air traffic control strike is on:-
29 March 2016 Starts tomorrow Wednesday, 30 March 2016 1700UTC
Ends Friday 1 April, 2016 0400 UTC
Another meeting planned for tomorrow.

31 March, 2016 Trouble spots will be, call your airline.
Bordeaux minimum service in the afternoon
Charles de Gaulle Moderate delays in the morning
Marseille and Orly to be hit hard, by delays, cancellations or perhaps your flight will be brought forward.
Remember everybody flying will deal with the knock-on effect.Papeete Air France filed strike notice for Monday March 14, 2016.
Meeting to take place tomorrow Thursday March 10. If no agreement made strike will commence 00:00hrs.
French air traffic control strike

French Air Traffic Control Strike
Update:-26 January 2016 Here's the latest for you. It's shocking Eurocontrol

Announced today Friday 22 January, 2016 
Two thirds of French air traffic controllers to strike, Tuesday 26 January, 2016. Talks will be on going till Monday. It’s enough workers to not show up for work, that it will ruin your travel plans.

Be prepared for your flight to be brought forward, canceled or delayed. Airlines will likely be asked to cut back flights to and from France. No airport will get a pass. 

Earlier this week a coalition of airlines was formed 
“Airline for Europe” - EasyJet, Ryanair, Air France - KLM.
Along with airport fees this coalition wants new air traffic control strike rules across Europe. 

Watch dgac blog
National Union of Air Traffic Controllers SNCTA
General Confederation of Labour (USAC-CGT)

French Public Service Strike
Three French unions CGT, FO and Solidarity have given strike notice for
Tuesday, January 26, 2016.
Air France likely to take the brunt of any strike action. Come the day, Air France will have a contingency plan in place. Can you get away with only hand luggage? Re-think any public transportation plans, that includes taxi's.In fact, change your ticket for the day later.

Air France Pilot Strike
Announced today Sunday, 
27 December, 2015 Air France pilot’s who belong to Alter trade union have called for strike action.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10, 11, 12 and 13 of January 2016.
(Alter is a so called a minor pilot union. Only 10% of Air France pilots.

Two pilots in regard to the “Torn Shirt” fiasco belong to Alter trade union. pilot's have been on paid leave since the middle of October.

Disciplinary hearing planned for Thursday, January 7, 2016. 
Air France will have a contingency plan in place for you. Stay in touch with Air France Operations.

​Update:- This strike has been cancelled.
Attention strike planned for 
28 January 2016. New head of HR has been encouraging. Meeting planned 15 January.
This strike was cancelled.
Announced today, Christmas Day, while you were enjoying dinner.
CGT union workers at Air France will strike Thursday, January 28, 2016.
Workers involved:-Ground workers and cabin. Does this mean flight attendants?
3,000 workers to be given the heave ho. 
Be ready. Air France will have a contingency plan in place for you. 
Your flight will likely be cancelled, delayed or brought forward. 
Transavia or HOP, Air France subsidiaries will pick up the slack. 
SkyTeam Alliance member.
Check back with us, we will update as more information becomes available.
Air France 

Old strikes for 2015
Air France - Tahiti
Check this site
Saturday December 19, 2015 Issue over ground staff wages.
Air France operation news
Airport Tahiti (Mischief with the board) More information today from, you need to translate it

Old strikes in 2015
​Air France Pilot Strike
Two pilot unions call for strike action -
Wednesday and Thursday 2 and 3 December 2015.
These two pilot unions (SPAF and Alter) do not have a lot of members so disruption is expected to be limited. More news to be released on Tuesday.
On the other hand
Ground workers will have work stoppages on Wednesday and Thursday. As usual it's vague. We will update regularly as the news comes in.

15 November 2015 Protest planned for this Thursday by 13 Air France unions has been cancelled. Gatherings have been discouraged. No strikes or protests for the next 12 days. Unions will meet Monday, tomorrow 1:30 regarding new position. 

Not cancelled baggage handlers strike Thursday 19 November 2015 "in some areas" (vague on purpose)

French Air Traffic Control
Air traffic control strike cancelled for Saturday 16 November, 2015 from 5:30am to 8:30am and
"Faced with the authority of the tragedy that has struck Paris and its region, SNCTA, majority trade union of air traffic controllers, suspends
strike notice on 17 November and subsequent days"

Wednesday October 21, 2015 Air France has a notice up regarding baggage handler strike tomorrow
Other disturbances are expected around the network. Stay in touch with Air France site  Expect for the worst, demonstrations around your train station and getting to and from your French airport - exit ramps blocked. Be prepared to hoof it with your luggage. Or even worse leave on an Air France flight without your luggage. HOP passengers (AF subsidiary) will also be affected. All Air France flights are expected to leave.
CGT Union
Air France has agreed to cut back the amount of staff layoffs 

Old strike for 2015
12 October 2015 Air France union workers will meet tomorrow (Tuesday) regarding strike details. Remember union must give 48 hours notice for strike action.

​Police arrest Air France workers after last weeks kerfuffle 
Globe and Mail

24 July 2015 Airline to cut another 300 million euros.

24 June 2015 Attention tomorrow French taxi strike likely to block roads to and from your airport.

28 June 2015 French air traffic control has been causing us to twitch, dates changing. Follow along with us on French Air Traffic control strike 2015 and are you flying to a Spanish  airport next month? You will want to see the baggage handler strike information  More strikes you might need to know. Australian customs and immigration strike is planned and Brussels airport tomorrow a police security strike.

24 June 2015 Air France flights will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward by French air traffic control strike planned for 2,3 July 2015. You can most likely change your flight for fee right now or you will have to wait, 24 - 48 hours closer to the date. 

Old issue not resolved
April 17, 2015 Update:-SNCTA lift strike action planned for April 29 -
May 2, 2015. Good news, have a nice and safe trip.

Update:-Monday 13 April, 2015 Strike planned for 16-18th April has been cancelled.


April 29 - May 2 strike is still on the books. Pray for them people.
10 April, 2015 Flights on the move, backlog done with. Beauvais-Tille, CDG, Orly, Nice, Marseille and Lyon all on time today.

Tuesday 7 April, 2015 Airlines asked to reduce flights by 40% tomorrow.

Sunday April 5, 2015 Air France has a notice up for this coming strike action. Don't forget the general strike planned for the 9th. Will likely include all public transportation trains, subways and buses. How are you going to get to and from your airport?

Saturday 4 April 2015 Update:- More strike dates added, must be confirmed, not looking good. April 16 - 18th and April 29th - May 2.

​3 April 2015 Update:-Air traffic control strike will start Wednesday 04:00 and end Friday, 10th 04:00. Airlines have been asked to cut back flights landing and taking off from France.

2 April, 2015 French air traffic controllers will strike Thursday, 9 April, 2015. Follow along with us on the link below. Air France flights likely to take brunt of the strike action.Joining in the general strike see below.

23 March 2015 Air France likely to be hit by French air traffic controllers strike this week. French air traffic control strike page

15 March 2015 Air France, 10 unions refuse to go to planned meeting with management tomorrow.

   French National Strike
February 20th 2015 National strike Is being planned for Thursday, April 9, 2015. 
Unions involved CGT, FO and Solidarity - private and public workers.
It's early for your airline to notice. Air France flights likely to take brunt of it. (General Confederation of Labour CGT is the largest union in France, recovering from scandal. Leader Thierry Lepaon resigned after using funds, 105,000 euro’s ($125,000) to renovate his suburban Paris apartment. Refused to resign for quiet some time, 1,000 euro toilet seat got him in the end (oops no pun intended)
Update:-15 April, 2015 Thierry Lepaon cleared of charges 
Easy Travel Report
Old strikes for 2015
     French Airport Strike
Today, Monday 16 February, 2015 Aeroports de Paris (ADP) workers plan strike for this Thursday, 19 February, 2015. More details to be announced Wednesday. 

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Old Strikes from previous years
Air France pilot unions
​Alter 10%
SNPL largest of the pilot unions with 65%.
Lastly SPAF with 21% of Air France pilots.