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Luton Airport Strikes
Hub for easyJet, TUI Airways and Wizzair
Busiest routes:-Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Budapest.
Least punctual airport in the UK 2017, now you know why.

Industrial action by
​French air traffic control strike this weekend? Your flight could well be delayed, canceled or brought forward
​Update:-Friday 25 May, 2018 Baggage handling strike called off. Union will ballot workers on new wage offer.

Update:-Wednesday, 23 MAY, 2018 Talks will continue tomorrow. So far no deals made, strike is still on.

Update:-21 May, 2018 Luton airport baggage handling will strike Saturday and Sunday, May 26 and 27th, Menzies baggage handling, handles baggage for easyJet (has notice up, Blue Air, Vueling and Tarom read Buyingbusinesstravel.com

Update:-18 May, 2018 You should know French air traffic control will be on strike starting 11 pm Monday 21 May, 2018 till 5am Wednesday local times see French air traffic controllers strike
​Greek general strike is being planned for 30 May, 2018

Barcelona air traffic control will strike randomly during the summer 2018

​Update:- 18 May, 2018 Union members mull over new wage offer. Strike has been postponed.

Update:-Friday, 11 May, 2018 Strike dates are in. 
May Bank Holiday Weekend
No hours given, might be an hour here hour there, anything is possible.
See Unite announcement
​Be prepared to be offered another flight from a different airport.

Will strike 7am Friday 25 May, 2018 till following evening Saturday 7pm. (This will close down the airport)

Airport security:-
Strike will start 3am Bank Holiday Monday 28 May, 2018 till 5am Tuesday 29th.

Baggage Handling:-
3am Saturday 26 May, 2018 to 2pm Sunday 27th.

Strike will start 7am, Friday, May 25, 2018 till Wednesday morning 6:30am 30th May. Mechanics are also in this!

Stay in touch with your airline. Workers who handle directions and needs for handicaps, elderly, wheel chairs etc. will not be working. If you have an unaccompanied minor, I'd think twice.

24 April, 2018 Announced today Unite union workers are being balloted for strike action. Ballots due in 11 May, 2018. Firemen, airport security, baggage handling and currency exchange workers all threaten strike action over pay dispute.

Luton Airport

Unite The Union

Menzies Aviation baggage handling

Luton Airport Strikes 2018

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