21, August, Management and flight attendants have made a deal ending the industrial action threat.  Your good to go!

6, August, 2010 Dragon Air flight attendants demonstrating today at Honk Kong International airpor with masks on to stay anonomous.  Flight attendants have been cut from flights causing flight attendants to have a heavy workload. Attendants are pulling extra shifts and told not to take time off in the summer months. Union will decide next week whether to strike or work to rule. Dragonair departures and arrivals.
 and Hong Kong International airport departures

content="NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW">Dragonair is owned by Cathay Pacific and employees approxiamately 1,200 flight attendants. Based in Hong Kong, Destinations Beijing, Manila, Hanoi, Shanghai, Taipei and they codeshare with Royal Brunei Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and Air China